Worth pulling strictly hoping for Yunan?

Ive read YUnan is a top 3 tank, I did a pull and got Rana, I have resources for 2 more 10x but am not sure if its worth it especially not knowing if there’s any new events coming out?

I currently use Frida as my tank. Idk if that’s right or not but she’s my highest level for now. I have an unleveled King Arthur, Poseidon at like lvl 2, Khagan untouched also.

There are many new events coming down the pipe line.

I would recommend waiting. The odds of getting yunan in 20 pulls is very little.

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not worthy to pull more , keep it for atlantis , at least you can get 2 free mats with 2x10 pull

i was lucky able to pull Yunan with EHT , but i dont think i will do him , i keep my tonic for Kingston


I just got lucky with a 1 EHT and got the new HoTM, now I’m reading she isn’t great…especially as I have Hel almost to 3 70

No. Your odds of pulling a specific 5* are very low, unless you’re ready to dedicate a lot of money it’s not worthwhile.

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Who thought she isn’t great? She’s absolutely fantastic. Only ‘negative’ is that I would rather not have a single minion on a titan if I could help it but I wouldn’t mind that mana regen. If someone said ‘Worse than Hel’ that’s another thing since depending on context Hel can be the best hero in the game.

@Shenjairo, did you reply to the wrong post? I think I know which one you meant to reply to :wink:

did you mean Seshat ? she is awesome , combined of domitia debuff + toth minion + sartana sniper skill + kage base attack + 4% mana regen. cant ask more

Not worthy at all since the chance is crazy low, mainly since you already pulled Rana + every tank can be easily handled with a mono team. There is no difference between them. Soon lots of new heroes through all the events. I’d definitely wait.

It was Doomcicle’s post. Was outside walking and had started to type but then it started to rain so put the phone in my jacket and finished my post 20 minutes later so a post snuck in between.

As for Yunan I wouldn’t do it either. When I said I wouldn’t stop until I had Arthur it took 390 pulls. Pulling for any new event 5* is one thing, pulling for a specific hero can be really bad. Have over 200 failed pulls for Panther too but over 3 events.

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@Shenjairo. Weird, they post wasn’t even there when I commented?

@Doomcicle, I’ve heard almost EVER new HotM “isn’t that great” then players realize how to use them and they turn out to be one of the more sought after hero’s. Seshat seems to be a pretty ■■■■ good dark hero. I really don’t see the “not so good” part. Unfortunately I don’t have her so you’ll have to give us some feedback after you level her

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