Tanks: Does Yunan have a role if Kunchen is already maxed and Santa is close

I saved up EHTs since the end of the Christmas event thinking that the Sand heroes would be the best option, just used five of them during Springvale.

I used 25 of my tokens on Sand today hoping for Ranvir with the possibility of Yunan or Rana being a nice bonus. BUT…

TANK ROLE: IF I am already using Kunchen +emblems as my tank and would be able to sub in Santa or even GM, is there any reason to aim for Yunan now?
The odds are extremely low and in light of the competition for the tank spot I don’t feel using the rest of the tokens here is good “value”.
In light of my team I would prefer Victor from Halloween as a very fast damage dealer that also interferes with healing (one five star in the Halloween batch so 2x the odds of getting Victor vs. Yunan).

Nadnog looks like a solid tank or flank option as well when she (I learned) comes around later this year so the competition is only becoming fiercer.

If really looking down the road, MN > Yunan in my books b/c there are only two resurrectionists and it is a fearsome special. MN is not competing to tank, she competes to see which special Nature hero is preferred.

I don’t think so.

Not unless your alliance uses green tanks (and I’ve never seen one of those).


Last thing you want to do is max a bunch of slow tanks that are less then optimal for attacks. I think he’s a bit better tank skill/talent wise but all of them can beat you on a bad board and all of them are quickly taken care of by a good one. If you get him, awesome, worth a max if you don’t have a lot of slow nature, but I don’t think he, or any hero is worth much of a chase (maybe Ariel).


Thank you @Gallowspider and @amessofamind,

No, we are not tanking nature and I don’t foresee it either, too many good options in dark and holy and even fire or ice.

Chasing doesn’t seem worth it when it isn’t a huge incremental improvement on those already in house. Also, I really do like Victor, he has caused me real problems when raiding so if aiming for a limited release hero he’s the best odds for one I want but don’t have (terrible odds, but the best of the bunch).

It feels like Yunan, Santa and Kunchen are fraternal twins, slow, heavy with pretty darn good specials. I like Kunchens specials the most…so… it is decided (for me personally)



The only thing Yunan has over Saint Nick and Kunchen is being a fighter, he gets revive. But you won’t see the success of that until much later, when he’s more emblemed up.

I think Yunan is the best green tank in the game myself (and one of the few viable green tanks, for that matter), but when you already have a great tank, chasing another good one doesn’t make sense.


Bingo, best green tank in the game BUT if you already have other viable tanks, not a requirement. If you are still looking for your main tank he’d be a good one to have (until your alliance starts matching tanks and you need to go to Ice instead).

For Fighters he is competing with Delilah for emblems and Poseidon will join that line soon too.

Fighter class for a healer is gold, Delilah has revived and immediately healed a few times on offensive raids. If memory serves correctly, I believe that most of the times that happened the raids became wins rather than certain defeats.

I am certain that many Boldtusk fans have felt/seen something similar but he should be reviving more often (assuming he is further along the path due to lower emblem cost per level).


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