Will it be possible to complete the Path of Valor without spending on VIP and Suumons

Looking at the info published on the forum so far it would appear that you are going to have to summon 275 heroes or troops so gain all the Valor points for the summoning tasks. As I have neither a stock pile of summoning tokens or a desire to purchase VIP is seems very unlikely that I will get anywhere near completing this element. So the question is will it be possible to complete the path without this element ?

Even if you don’t complete it fully you might still finish a few of the tiers quite easily. You will get 50 summons free. And if you are a daily active player opening 3-4 chests daily, then you should be getting around 150 silver tokens, so a total of 200 summons will get you to atleast tier 8/9.


225 summons will take you to tier 9. the last tier is worth 1625 points (for 50 summons) and completing all the challenges is worth 48750 points. you need 46750 points to get to milestone 50, so not finishing the last summons tier will still give you 375 points more than what’s needed to finish the path (that means you still have room to skip one day of daily challenges).

I got 6 Summons yesterday, not counting VIP or existing Summon Tokens.

If that’s roughly consistent, then 275 Summons in 50 days should be doable — and of course if you plan to use any EHT, ETT, Challenge Coins, Atlantis Coins, or Costume Keys in the next 50 days, that would bump up your total too.


Require 275 summons
Estimate for active players:

  1. 50 free daily
  2. 3x50 = 150, from opening chest
  3. 2 costum chamber summon from costume quest
  4. Event challange 3x silver and 15 challange coins from complation reward, and I think get extra around 5 challange coins from farming Suspicious chest, then sum is 20 coins = 2x summon. So silver and challange coins = 5 summons, AND for 2x Event, that is 10 summons.

Total 212 summons.
Other resources need 63 summon more from: Atlantis pulls form coins, ETT, and EHT.

EDIT: @zephyr1, I forget, I edited.

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Are you counting for one Challenge Event, or two?

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3x50 from opening chests is already quite hard for most players, that assumes opening 3-4 chests every single day for 50 days, why 4, because like today, I got no summon token from a mission chest.

And what if this month the HOTM you do not want and March returning HOTM and better? You are forced to use your coins/keys just for the point of completing a challenge?

And using EHT outside of an event should not be an option.

Path of Valor is the antithesis of Quality of Life, very disappointing.

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I have no plan to use any EHT until Summer Event myself.

I had stashed a pile of 35 or so silver tokens. I will see how close I get. Next POV there’s only ten days to save up between them.

I did just get 3 silvers from an elemental chest.


I honest believe that the summons challenge needs a better points distribution, to enable players to not require level 9, bit only up to 8 and rest of the other possible points.

With the POV costing physical money, tapping players to also spend gems on summons to make it, seems a bit harsh. Lessen points for lvl 10 and 9 and up levels 1-8.

Well so far I cannot see how I am going to finish stage 9 as on both my accounts I am averaging 1 silver token per 3 chests from raid or missions

10 days in and average is 3 summons a day, daily and 3 chests, so no way will it be possible to complete even tier 9, I only hope that the developers see this and realise that they have cocked up as there is no way i will buy the valor pass if i have to spend elsewhere to complete it. This is a complete joke and in no way fair fair for c2p and f2p players. After 2 years of playing this is one of the more pathetic money grabs that has been perpetuated on players and there have been many

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