Emblems for Kiril

I have Kiril at 4/70 … would you give him emblems on the talent tree? And if so how many? Thanks

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I use him a bit and gave him a few emblems. I think there are better candidates, especially Proteus. but if you don’t have Proteus or a five star wizard, Kiril is a fair choice


I have emblemed him as well.
Currently sitting at 14 emblems.
Do not have any other wizards that would qualify better than him.

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Thanks. I have given the majority of wizard emblems to 5* Onatel. But now that I have fully levelled Kiril wondered if I should give him a few emblems

Why not? Kiril is a partying wizard with a decent special. His beer also fortifies him, do not underestimate beer muscles :wink:


JGE, absolutelly.
Kiril is best support hero, when attacking against Kunchen tank. Or Richard tank. Or when Zeline is flanking. He negates theirs specials (decreasing attack).

So in my opinion I would give Kiril talents till he reaches mana talent. And thanks to it, you need only mana troop lvl 17 to make him fast mana. Can you imagine, that you have fast support healer - Kiril?

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Thank you Papca. Your reply is much appreciated. I now have Kiril maxed and with emblems

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