Wizard Emblem’s help

Need to fully emblem Milena but only has 666 emblems. Need to strip off some from other heroes. [poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]

  • Proteus
  • Onatel
  • Dark lord
  • Glenda
    I didn’t use proteus that much because he is still squishy even after LB, but his 450 is not enough for Milena. I am thinking about Glenda but Mr. Pengi is rolling his eyes. I used Onatel and DL often for raid. Any idea?

thanks for your vote!

reset onatel and proteus, max millena, and the rest of emblems give back to onatel

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That’s a tricky one, all I know is do not strip Dark Lord as he is a top hero that definitely deserves emblems as Milena does :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m in a similar situation of needing wizard emblems and am going to strip Proteus as I don’t use him as much as I used to, other than in 4* events.

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If you reset Proteus you would be able to take Milena to Node 18 with 46 emblems left. Node 19 has either a 2% healing increase or 2% mana increase. Node 20 would be the only Node you’d miss that would increase her base stats with Attack increase. Since you use each of your other 5* options to strip emblems from, maybe consider taking Milena to Node 18 and then add the last 2 Nodes as you get the emblems in. This would allow your other attack teams to not be negatively affected and save you a decent amount on the reaources put into your already emblemed heroes. If you would happen to get a Tome of Golden Emblems from loot soon, then Milena’s last 2 Nodes would be a perfect spot to use 2 in my opinion. :crossed_fingers:you get one of those Tomes in the next day to make this decision easier for you :nerd_face::nerd_face:


He does better with minion heroes like frosth, freya, bera, motega, xhd, and krampus… IDK if you have any of the above but that’s how I’d team him with.

This is the my pengi team, I’ve had better success with xhd vs frosth.

Also, Milena is pretty sturdy and with the quick heal cleanse, she’s less reliant on emblems so maybe just give her the emblems you have and try before you reset anyone, good luck!


I have a lot of minion summoners, Krampus, Frosh, Bera, Freya and Xiahou Dun. But I don’t have Dr. and Motega.

Thank you all! I ended up stripping off both Proteus and Onatel. I brought Milena all the way to 20 and will save the rest for Lord Loki when I max him in two weeks.