Who's the best reviver?

So we had Alby
We got MN
And now we get Heimdall.

Who is the best of the three? (just curious, just have the last so can’t compare).

  • Alberich
  • Mother north
  • Heimdall
  • Other option (like equally good)

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I’d like to hear your reactions and explanations :smiley:

MoNo because 50% > 33% > 20%


what about the 10% health?

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I am the idiot that chose other…

Because…Fighter class BT


I get this isn’t what is meant, but if we expand reviver to include all cases where anyone revives and then define best to include some notion of accessibility, then I’d say it’s Boldtusk.

As is, I voted for Mother North because she has the largest rez chance. My logic for her (and BT) would basically be a variation of the penny gap principle: the biggest (and most valuable) difference in HP is between 0 and 1.

I’d also say Alberich and Heimdall seem a bit more like slow buffers - I recall one long time poster (but can’t remember who - sorry!) saying they view and use Alberich primarily for the HoT and mana boost, NOT reviving.


That was me. Alby is great for his Mana regen and HoT. His revive chance is great too of course, but it’s just the icing on the cake.




Seriously, I voted for Alby since his healing applies to the newly resurrected unlike the others. :smile:


My vote is for Alberich personally.

The main reason for this is the fact that (unlike the other two options) Alberich applies the Healing AFTER the revive… This means that revived heroes get additional healing after their revival which Heimdal & MoNo do not do.

In terms of straight-up Liklihood of reviving, Mother north is the best BUT I believe that Alberich’s card order & mana generation are much much more effective than the trade-off of the revive percentage.


In saying this tho I personally also think that revivers are over-rated… The number of revivers I fight against vs. the number of times they have actually influenced the outcome of the raid are tiny… Like I’m talking <5% of raids compared to being in >80% of enemy raid teams…
Maybe it’s different in offence but in defence I just see them as being too passive… personally…


Mother North > Alby not just bc her revive chance is higher, but even more so because she has a much higher chance of being alive to fire her special (dead Alby’s revive chance is 0%). North with Def emblems at +18 and with a +25 Def troop can take full special hits from emblemed Seshat and Alasie and still manage to dribble her magic breakfast slurry on her life-impaired colleagues.

She lives much longer than Alby. She saves way more lost games than he does. Ably helps you win good boards faster. I’ll take option A every time.

Heimy may be better - have not played w him enough yet.


Personally I’m saying Mother North. Because I almost have her to 80.

Just pulled Brother Norse and haven’t tried him out. And I think Alby was available before I started playing.

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Tyr. He may only revive himself but he does so way better than any other reviver.

I believe you. I haven’t fought enough Tyrs yet to have an opinion, but I find Atomos is a royal pain in that regard.

Needless to say more. My ally run Purple tank and she has to compete emblems with Kun, how many nodes are good enough for her?

That was me, and that’s why my vote goes to Alby - because with him, the revive (and it’s a great revive) is just an added bonus. The main way he wins battles is through his mana boost, with the healing an excellent secondary benefit.

Adding a revive to that mix makes Alby’s special frankly unfair.


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I have MN and Alby both maxed. For the longest time I ran a very successful mono team that included both of them. Today I run 4 fast hitters with MN. Its still my most successful team. It came down to MN because if I am at the point I need her, the other team has already lost at least 3 heroes and her res % is more needed than Albys mana regeneration.

I still run both on some hard modes on the map. They complement each other very well and make your team almost unstoppable.

I give MN the slightest edge, but it really depends on your setup.

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A reviver must revive
otherwhise for secondary effects you just use other heroes
so the best is mother north

I have 18 so far…

Mother North… her 50% is awesome, and you can put Rigard or another healer to support her when the deads come to life again.

Mother north is in my main team, but just drafted heimdall today. Mother north has a 50/50 chance, but revives heroes with little health and a minion buffer. Im inclined to go with mn since i bolster slow mana with the right troop. Cant wait to fully level heimdall and fully access viability and usefulness. I love the concept of heimdalls ability to apply health greater than 100% and had no viable paladin heroes, so hes my main priority now. Move over elkanen!

Following @Guvnor’s link back to this thread.

Only have MN to use but love her on offense (use her in defense but don’t know how many times she gave me an unexpected win).

If the question is: “Which reviver hero revives the best” the obvious answer is MN.

If the question changes to: “Which reviver helps you win the most battles” the answer will vary depending on what you want and need from the hero.

MN has highest Rez percentage and can often bring back multiple dead heroes in a single cast. That makes her hugely useful but I do believe it is more effective when you are attacking because you can hold it if there is an advantage in that (opponent is about to fire an AoE that would kill the newly rezzed hero for example).
I won’t speculate on Heimdall and Alby on offense as I don’t have them.

On defense they don’t play the same positions/roles.
MN should never be tank, usually is left wing but have seen her work as left flank on some teams (not common). I only put her into my defense after summoning Sif, without the mana boost and damage mitigation that Sif provides I don’t think MN is great on defense, with it I believe she can be effective.

Alby tends to be another left winger (intentional) that I rarely find changes the complexion of the battle when I face him. His effects are better for any hero that he does manage to resurrect and his mana boost is truly excellent but slow from the wing means the attacking player usually can ghost enough tiles to charge specials and nullify him.

Heimdall makes a solid tank and my view is that he is a special healer with a small bonus chance to resurrect. The overhealing is where I see his secret sauce, making the rest of the team much harder to kill. He can flank well. Makes a TERRIBLE wing, can’t heal a dead hero and low resurrection percentage means he seldom “saves the day” He HAS done so and has made me lose a battle after rezzing all four dead allies but it is RARE that he changes the complexion of the battle from the wing.

Both Heimdall and Alby would also benefit from Sif’s special. Ariel’s too (mana boost).
Ariel - I believe synergizes best with MN of the three.
MN revives with low health, Ariel will cleanse and gives a solid % health boost.
Alby and Heimdall rez heroes with better health so Ariel’s healing is less necessary. Alby and Ariel can really jazz up the team’s mana speed but not sure that adds enough upside. If I had Ariel and Alby, I’d probably just use Ariel on attack and focus on another damage dealer.

IF we expand to heroes that can revive (fighters and heroes that revive themselves such at Atomos and Tyr) then I would vote strongly for Delilah. When she was my go to healer she saved me MANY times by reviving with full mana, healing the team and handing out minions. WONDERFUL.

I do not have Atomos or Tyr. When facing them, Tyr is mildly annoying but can be left until the end.
Atomos in his current/buffed form can now really hurt you so does need to be dealt with. Prior to the buff at slow mana and less damage, he was nothing to worry about, but that is no longer true.

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