Who's the best reviver?

All of them :joy:


Probably MN due to high rate of revival. Have Heimdall only and he rarely revives anyone, though I had fights where my or opposing Heimdall revived half of team…

I like the Dutch names of Santa & GM. Grafdelver sounds ominous :slight_smile:

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The names are in Dutch :wink:

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@VFROOD i pair MN with another green slow healer, Heimdall or LOTL. They are primed at the same time, so they provide the boost in HP.


I do not have a reviver so I base my vote on opposition.

As a reviver, I fear MN going off the most. She is usually my #2 target when raiding after the tank (#1 if I get the opportunity).

I fear Heimdall more for his overcharging health than for his revive.

As an overall effective hero I would prefer having Alberich myself.

Then again, I have faced quite a few fighters who revived themselves up to six times in a row.

So, the best reviver (of others) is Mother North.

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Mother North in pvp fights has slight advantage cos she can resist mana control.

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I voted for MN.
Fwiw: MN + Heim + scrolls of alteration + tornadoes/hurricanes = almost invincible. Increasing green tiles, increasing mana and mixing up board, all without using a “turn”. Always fire Heim first to boost the max HP. I use this combo with an emblemed Buddy, Greg & un-emblemed Hansel. Hansel usually dies at some point, but then usually gets revived.

I vote for Alby because he revives then buffs everybody… while MoNo/Heimy heals then revive.

I give Gramps the vote since he is the only reviver that is not a 5 star and can be obtained easily by everyone. He has a 33% chance of reviving dead heroes with 23% HP.


Haha !! I would agree. While he may not heal, in the current rush 3* raid tourney, I find him amusing since he revives fallen allies and provides mana overtime at the rate of Albe’s. I haven’t maxed mine yet, including his skill at 7/8, yet he already sees action in my 3* monogreen team.

While I don’t have Heimdall, I have Alberich (since 2018 as a featured hero in early months of Atlantis) and Mother North (in the early days of January of this year after 3 xmases and my first legendary xmas hero). Both are maxed and highly emblemed. MoNo is so sturdy. Albe is not. I use both in my 2 monogreen teams for war. Between the two, I prefer Albe more by reason that his heal and mana over time makes revived heroes sturdy and ready to fire their specials in just a few more turns without much need of the desired tiles. The porridge grandma can indeed heal instantly and provide minions to all, but the revived allies are not prepped for the battle they are in as they have a measly HP and only protected by a minion, easily dying on slash attacks or massive AOE damage. MoNo is best accompanied with other heroes coming from the same portal whence she came due to the family bonus.


I have a 3/70 MN and a +20 Heimdall. Heimdall is not a reviver for practical purposes, he rarely ever revived anyone. Heimdall is good as he is tough and one of the best healers just never expect a revive. I used to use him in raids often, but I replaced him with Toxicandra due to her mana bonus to all.

One time he did resurrect all 4 allies, but that was once in many, many raids.

Other problem with Heimdall is he resurrects with very little health, so the resurrected hero sometimes dies right away.

I pair Heimdall with Toxicandra, Evelyn, Lianna and Krampus on some blue tanks and it makes for a very hard team to beat

For me Personally Heimdall is one of the best heroes in the game. He has saved me on countless occasions. (he revives a lot more than one realizes)

That being said, I don’t have MN or Alby but wouldn’t mind either of em.

If I were given a choice on who to bring to battle… It would be Heimdall 100% of the time.

I got to be honest.
The problem with revive is that it is good only if your heroes die.
The working hypothesis makes me consider revive very poorly: I don’t want my heroes to come back to life I want them not to leave it.

As such, I consider revive an added extra, not something that motivates my choices.

That being said in my opinion Heimdall is the most bothering “reviver”.
Sturdier than MN, has more attack, “heals” more or less the same (30%/500hp) but overheals also and has an interesting buff.
He is worse at reviving, but when he does it’s a reasonable 30%hp, 7% more than Alberich. And that 7% on nowadays heroes is basically one round of Alberich’s HoT. MN revives at 10% which requires several other things to be in place for her to be effective.
Alberich has more attack but he is a little outdated in terms of hp and defense to really perform as the last standing hero that brings the team back.

Choose Heimdall: he does a lot of very good things to your alive heroes and possibly revives.

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