Is it worth levelling a second Reviver?

I have an Alberich at +18, and use him all the time when raiding, he is a great hero.

This week I have somehow got another two reviving heroes - Mother North from a hero token and a second Alberich from Hero Academy.

Is a second revived worth levelling? If so, who is better?

My next set of Tonics are destined for Frigg (currently have 5), but open to suggestions for who to level next.

This is the rest of my roster for context

Also worth mentioning that I have a fully levelled Santa Claus, so could have some family bonus synergy with Mother North

It is worth, but after Frigg. You also have maxed Ratatoskr as a solid green healer.
Frigg is so awesome on defense and offense (based on review here), I do not have her.

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Thanks Jinbatsu.

Frigg is definitely getting ascended next, I’m only using her against titans at the moment as she is at 3.70, but excited to get her fully levelled!

I would say yes at some point due to ninja tower tol war teams. Mother North is a pretty cool hero.

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Definitely yes. And go for variety: 1st Mother North over 2nd Alby. what sets Mother North apart is higher revive chance (and the minions!).

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In my honest opinion, 100% yes. And my vote goes to Mother North.
Whatever you do good luck

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I’m leveling a 2nd Alby. Wish I had MN instead. I also have Heimdall maxed. So three revivers and if I get MN a 4th

Depth is always good. And having 2 of the best healers that revive is a great problem to have.


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