Heimdall v/s Mother North : The better for over all play!

Which is a better option for play ?!

  • Heimdall OR Mother North

Whats your experience ?!

I dont have any of the two. But i have other hp boosters like Garnet and Gilinbursti. The value you obtain from that extra HP surpasses normal healing. The extra hp acts like healing if you are hp low. Otherwise it can be used early in the match and it still has value.

So , hp boost 》 % healing

In this category i would put heim over MN

In terms of durability i think Heimdall edges MN. Hes a paladin (extra def) and has more defense per se. Although he has less hp.

So, lets give another point to Heimdal in this category

MN revival is by far superior than heimdall one. 50% vs 20%.

This gives a point to MN . 2-1 to heimdall (depending if you want to give a stall in durability due to MN minions)

So if you want only a revival to place in the wing i would say MN otherwise i would use Heimdall( offense or in defense as tank/flank)

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Pre-existing thread:

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I don’t have Heimdall, but I do have MN and she is by far superior in offence than defense (excluding veryfast modes), she’s pretty easy to kill from the wing and is rarely a problem. In offense however where you control the tiles and the timing of firing specials, MN is one of my best hero’s in offence, there is plenty of times where I’ve revived the whole team multiple times in just one battle because of her and I don’t see that happening with Heimdall’s 20% chance. Albeit, it’s not impossible, but just my thoughts. :slight_smile:

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