Who is better heimdall or north mom?

I want to know the truth between the two of them! Many tell me that the hero heimdall is better than northern mom! And others not, that she is better than hahaha please I want a more accurate answer. Since they both say they have a lot in common! I need help with my question
From already thank you very much! Greetings to all

I would say Heimdall is a better tank, and MoNo is a better wing.

As a tank, if MoNo fires, the only useful part of the special are minions, and most other heroes will be close to full anyway. For Heimdall, he just tacks on the extra heal, makes it difficult to kill the other heroes.

As a wing, You want to revive more than anything. So, MoNo is better with her 50%!


Interesting but you say it because you have the hero or you have both I have a mom and I save myself from many haha ​​I like her better! but of course I don’t have the other hero to prove the truth

Mother North with the big resurrection chance is better IMO. Disclosure: I have MN and don’t have Heimdall.

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Can i just say i really like how you keep calling her north mom… I laughed.

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I don’t have either. I have the hero who is in the middle of those 2 - Alberich. However, I end up not using him more and more, because in this game with Telly, slow often doesn’t get a chance to fire. And somehow the AI seems to be getting smarter and target my Alby first anyway.

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

There I understood Thank you for the information and for answering me!

The AI has definitely been ramped up. Mitsuko is killed first 9 out of 10 times against Telly flanked by Vela. It doesn’t matter where I put her. She will be targeted and killed first! It’s ■■■■■■■■ to be quite honest.

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In my honest opinion, it depends what you need most. If it was me and I needed a good green 5 star tank then Heimdall.
But for a great 5 star green with resurrect ability then Mother North all the way
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

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with %50 probability to revive MN is definitely better for me. they are both slow and have good defense stats

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North is better overall because she’s very good on defence and possibly the most valuable hero in the game on offence where as Heimdall is excellent at tank but only good on offence.

North is the best in the game at winning “unwinnable” matches and turning around bad boards - Heimdall is good at that too, but often he fails to revive his dead mates so his effect isn’t as great

A lot of people won’t agree with this. But I have them both and North is my choice from experience.

That said, it’s kinda like choosing between Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson - you can’t really go wrong.


The AI IS smarter, not seems. :sob:

Every war attack I go into, wing or flank position, my healers get targeted first or any low defense hero such as Grimm and Scarlett


MN can be summed up with “How the hell did I win that?”


Thank you ! I think the same as you. MN is better :slight_smile:

Yes yes thank you for making me clearer with your answers so this is what my allied people know hahaha

As is haha ​​thanks for the good answer :slight_smile: very friendly

It’s better MN :slight_smile:

Ok, great thread! On the left are my daily heroes. On the right are my up and comers. WHO do I give the mats to??

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What beautiful green heroes hahaha all your green team is great … give me Kingston and lianna hahaha

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