Who would fit better as a third option?

Hello guys. Im finishing of leveling my second epic by each color . And i wonder which of my non maxed ones will have a better role on my current maxed line.

Maxed or close to maxed heroes

Purple: Rigard and Sabina 4/70
Yellow : Hu tao and li xiu 4/70
Red : boldtusk and gormek 4/70
Blue : Sonya and Grimm 4/70
Green : Kashhrek and Little John.

Only left a few levels of Grimm and kash and a couple of level from John to finish that group.

Now the heroes at 3/60 or waiting for being ascended.

Red: Colen x 2
Yellow : Hu tao
Purple: Ameona and tiburtus
blue: Valeria , Triton, two grimms,
Green: Gobbler , Melendor

5*star héroes


I have already the mats to Max vela (only a telescope left)
I dont want to touch 5* yet but neither start wasting warm capes.

Thanks in advance!

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Out of your 4*s I would go ahead and level Tiburtus, Triton, Melendor, Grimm 2, Colen (you can never have enough healers is a lesson Zephyr taught me)

Then level Joon among 5*s

Then Vela.


I think Tiburtus and Triton would be a good addition.

You are quite healer heavy in the top.


My thoughts are between three . I can only max one more right now.

Melendor Colen or tiburtus.
My greens are not that strong arent they? Mel would be a great addition

On the other hand colen provides me “fire punch” for certain aspects of the game

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Yeah i have plenty healers but never too much i think hehe
triton is tempting but id lose 4 warm capes and im so close of having the mats for vela
Is a hard choice


You’ll get those war capes back along the way.

Early on I hated facing Colen. But never had the urge to max him until now (needed to level something). With the tourneys he is more viable now imo.

If your doing by colors than I’d say Tibs, Colen, Triton, and Mel is a good set.

While leveling Triton if you get the scope along the way you could always switch.


Thanks for your feedback!
What do you think about classic greens? I think my options are thin compared to the other colors.
I wish i had Hansel or peters


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Greens are thin. Caedmon is the one you want out of the classic ones. I have 3 maxed (1 at +20 emblemed) He is good.

Hansel is good as well and comes in handy during the events.

Peters I haven’t gotten but can be pretty effective.

They will all come.

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My first thought was between three: Mel, Triton, Tibs. You will use all three well into the game even with 5*'s.

Colen is good when he goes off but he is slow so doesn’t half the time. He can be great in 4* rush attack tournaments though.

Yellow is weak all around for 4*. Wait for Wu Kong for titans. You certainly don’t need two Hu (don’t make a Wu).


@nevarmaor you think It would be a good idea to max tibertus ? To try something with li xiu and Rigard
I know that maxing him would bring beneficts regarding to titans and quest/events.

I was keeping the traps for a possible proteus but if he doesnt show in this Atlantis It wouldnt be logical to continue keeping them


If you are trying for Proteus wait first to see if that happens. If you don’t get Proteus are you going to try again in a month? Proteus is one of the best 4* there is.

I was reasoning Tibs would help you as your only maxed dark are healers and you need damage dealers too. Plus he is a Pulverizer (like Grimm and Gormek) so you get the def down bonus too. That is handy when you are following with a Li Xiu who doesn’t hit hard.


I would definitely go with Tiburtus as of now, and Melendor as a clear second. I agree that you can never have enough healers, but I think Tiburtus would make the biggest impact at the moment.


Yes i will probably going to try next month hehe i know later or sooner i will get proteus but you know how this works. Chances are low and i can stay months yet trying until i get him.

I will give proteus an oportunity this month . I have 150 coins probably try to get 150 more . These are 3 summons plus some with gems . Probably doing 5 or 6 summons
Its difficult but i summoned triton before this way

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In AW i manage to have one healer per team

Sabina , Rigard, Kashhrek, Boldtusk, Melendor, Belith, Hawkmoon and Grazul
However i know the importance of fully leveled 4*
Thats why melendor is going to be maxed sooner or later . He has good atack and besides Vela i dont have a druid to spend emblems on

I would go with Tib and Colen. Vela when you have mats for her. 4* blue Triton.
You have 4 great 4* healers maxed and for that reason I would focus on some fast hitters.
Having a good base of 4* heroes, it is good time to start working on some 5* heroes.
You can’t go wrong maxing Vela and Joon when you have the mats.

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Im missing only a scope to max Vela. What im not so sure if It is the right time to start with 5* . I think that its better to have at least three 4* option by color first. I supuse that lose 4 warm capes isnt that bad is It? Id have triton as my three blue option this way

Third options by the moment.
Dark tiburtus
Green melendor
Yellow : ---- (i Hope to get wu soon)
Blue: Triton
Red: Colen

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Sounds like a good approach. You will not need a second Hu Tao and I think Melendor is a better option for you than Gobbler.
I usually recommend, the slow color leveling when leveling up a basic 4*-5* roster, but I think you could gain on making Tib and Colen current priority and Triton, if that leaves capes enough for Vela when getting the last scope.

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@TheWizard how many warm capes do you have now?

10 warm capes . It started to drop frequently

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Ah, since you’d only be short 2 capes if you give them to triton, I think it’s worth it. Bringing Vela up to 3.70 will take some time anyway so by the time you’re ready to give her 4 more (and get that last scope) you’ll probably have them or be close.

I’d only hesitate right now if you only have enough gloves/compasses for 1 hero since next month is Avalon and reflects blue. You may get more use out of someone like Melendor (especially since dispellers will be really important - a lot of Avalon heroes have buffs) or Colen since red stacks will be useful (plus he’s a beast with BT + Gormek/other def down).

There should be a warm cape in the rare tier of completion rewards of Avalon next month as well, so that should help.

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