What should i max now?

Hello guys.
I have some heroes in mind but im not so sure where i should start .
I will share with you my current roster






Mats available


I have started JF but i parked him because i dont plan to max him . I didnt plan but this month i will do a X10 on costume portal and a x20 on Valhalla.
So my goal is to get either Azlar costume or Tyrr.
My initial plan was to max Skittleskull but doing a x20 on Valhalla could bring me Amura

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@sleepyhead @jinbatsu

Should i drop my idea of maxing boril or triton asap in order to bring ursena to 3/70?

I will get my last tabard when Morlovia arrives

Az Triton gade n rigard

Why ?
Why them and not Ursena ?

Triton is awesome gade is a great support hero.
Imo needs bit more depth in a 4* rosta hence rigard has enough trap to level n still fin Ursena down the road.

How do you do your leveling? you don’t do same-color leveling? I see you have the materials to work on both Ursena and a Blue at the same time, so why not do Ursena and either Triton/Boril at the same time?

do you also jump between heroes? Triton, Boril and Valeria are all partially leveled at 3rd ascension (and very close to the 3/60 wall!), and so are Jean-Francois and Grazul (except close to the 3/70 wall). any reason why you do not bring one to 3/60 before moving to the next?

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See: Forum ToS of my reply

Triton then Sonya Costume (unless you already leveled it once)
Melendor 2
Ursena then rigard 2 then proteus 2


I have already done Sonya 1 with costume long time before .
I dont like Grazul very much ! Everyone says shes amazing

Hi sleepy . I have finished a group of four 3* ! It worked really well on 3* but i dont see doing on colour with 4* or 5*. It takes too long .

Valeria i dropped long before , she was my first blue but i pulled much better heroes which i have maxed .
Triton the same , was the second one , then pulled Sonya costume who maxed asap, them grimm , kiril and so on.
Tritón was forgotten a little bit and i leveled boril which is the one i doubt if i Max him or triton.
Usually those which are incomplete are the ones i dont like and im slowly leveling to 3/60
Boril , Gaderius , triton

The 5* are another story . Grazul was my first 5* but i dropped when i balance my roster leveling 3* and 4* first and JF was dropped because i know i may pull something better this month … If not i have to decide between him and Grazul

That’s fine.

Who knows what direction the game will be going with some of the balance changes, but if status ailments continue to dominate secondary effects of heroes, a hero that prevents it will only grow as a desired commodity.

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Yes , i can see her protecting my red epics in a stack . But she works fine at 3/70 in some aspects . Only that she has so poor attack stat at 3/70 for stacking

Everyone else is already giving the good advice on who to max (and I’ll give a bonus gold star for Ursena), but I’d encourage you to hit the brakes for costume summons. 50% of your costume summon chance is drawing the featured one. If it’s Azlar or another one you want, awesome deal. If not, I’d hold off.

Unless you really want Clarissa. She’s a good one too, but you have Ursena already. Double reason to wait.
And I’d expect to wait through next month too, unless they make Raffaele worthwhile. Lots of waiting…
But not everyone is that patient, and that’s understandable.

Hi Kadaxas . Thanks to all . I think im not too hurry with Ursena as at least rng gives me a tabard i will be not able to max her until Morlovia .

My choices will be summarized in

waiting for reds at least i lean for either grazul or JF and

Max triton and second Rigard.
I will do triton. So many people told me how useful he is

Triton & Rigard are good. Triton is one of those few 4* I’ve actually feared for a long time because of his sheer damage output.

I actually own JF and Grazul, and had the same dilemma. I figured Grazul would be a bit better for my team, but JF was the one I actually liked. I like JF. So I figured, “I can do what I want!” So I maxed JF. There are still a few occasions where I swap him for Grazul against specific targets, but I have not regretted my decision. :slight_smile:

I’d suggest Grazul. Her status block is a great asset when attacking. I brought her up for Telly but she is effective against many others, including my nemesis, Drake Fong! Da-da-dummm

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Red: bring JF and Grazul at 3.70, wait and couple of next month, I agree, both is serviceable in current arena. SO, after both at wall, I would start 2nd BT, specially you have the costume, only need mana troop lvl 5, 9 tiles is significant great advantage. 3x match and full mana.

Blue: Boril is sturdy and great for map and also VS AoE in Raid and War, Triton is also great pair with Kiril, also you do not already have blue sniper. Richard costume is also great and you only need 1 more scope. I prefer Boril 1st, then Triton, then Richard. As you already have 1st Sonya costume maxxed.

Green: wait for Almur, Skittleskull, then 2nd Melendor.

Yellow: costume Bane is great for turney.

Purple: Ursena

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My two cents.

First, max out Ursena ASAP. Then, I would max Costume Richard…you should have the Mats by the time you are done working on him. After than you are in the EXACT same situation I was 2 months ago…JF or Grazul. I went JF but I really wish I would have done Grazul. Her specials block is priceless and you use it a lot iwth her very fats mana. JF is good, I just wish he had an initial hit to kill weak enemies rather than a DOT. Both are good, see which you use more.

Leave green and Yellow alone, nothing there jump out as a “must have” to me.

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You could also bring JF & Grazul up to 3-70, see how they both serve you at that level, & then make your decision. And who knows? If you’re serous with summoning, you might decide to go for July’s red monthly that’ll be announced soon, or you could get your Azlar and wish you’d kept your rings…

You are right ! I completly forgot about July HOTM. It will be red . Anyways It seems to far away hehe like Shrek kingdom :laughing:
But i have not the neccesity of having either JF or GZ at max for now .

Thanks for the feedback to all

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I wouldnt worry too much about maxing anyone until the dumb down comes into effect

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