Who to level next?

My current maxed roster is:


Yellow - Drake Fong, Ranvir
Dark - Seshat
Blue - Ariel
Green - Evelyn
Red - Anzogh, Grave Maker


Yellow - Chao
Dark - Merlin, Cyprian, Ammeona
Blue - Sonya, Boril
Green - Melendor
Red - Bold Tusk

Options for leveling are: Joon 1/1, Alice 1/1, Magni 2/55, Margaret 1/1, Vivica 1/47, Marjana 1/1

I also have Kadilen and Elkanen available to level up, but don’t really see them as viable options considering the others I have on the bench.

Thanks for the input!

No Grimm, Wilbur, Tiburtus or Gormek at least?

If you have any of them I would honestly consider them before a 5*, for the titan scores and wars. Def- is better than atk+, and it’s even better when combined together.

Also with Evelyn, pretty much any offensive green hero is viable, at least in offense. That includes Elkanen.

I’d consider Kadilen and Margaret to be on par, kind of. Both aim to protect their teammates from special skills, Margaret’s is luck based though whereas Kadilen’s is consistent but doesn’t avoid other ailments like DoT.

Thanks for the thoughts. I do have all of the heroes mentioned at 1/1.

Much like @DaveCozy said, I’d probably focus on some of the really valuable 4s too. You have 15 heroes maxed with some of the best 5s, but appear to be lacking options for colour stacking and war depth.

If I were you, I’d do Wilbur (!!), Grimm and Caedmon if you have him before next 5. Then maybe some healers, if you have them (Kiril? Rigard?). For 5, I’d consider Elk/Kadilen or Alice/Magni.

Thanks! I appreciate the input!

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