Advice needed on which heroes to level next

I have finished maxing out my current heroes in colors other than Red, and now have some decisions to make. I have 2 TC 20 running, so while I might get a better option showing up in the next day or two, I need to start with some sort of plan.

I try and feed on color, with exceptions occurring when I have no hero of a color to level. I currently have a good number of max level 3* & 4* heroes, plus Delilah as my lone max level 5*. My non max level heroes not listed are waiting for ascension materials or are Red. Options by color are listed in order I think right now:

Gato, 3* - leaning this way due to more useful special
Valen 3*

Tyrum, 3* - was my old Purple priority before I got Rigard, who is now done.
Chochin, 3*
Gill-Ra, 3*

Skittleskull, 4* - would be easily my best Sorcerer, but maybe not best choice
Gobbler, 4* - situationally useful special
Jack O’ Hare, 4* - looks like best option of these for titans, and blue is hardest for me
Brienne, Berden, Friar Tuck, Carver, Mnessus all 3* in that order

Justice, 5* - very likely to get stuck at 3/70.
Chao, 4*
Hu Tao, 4*
Melia, Gan Ju, both 3*, and in that order

I’m really unsure of Green & Yellow, honestly.

Valen’s special is good too. Gato has higher attack though. Long term you’ll mostly use both for challenge events and raid tournaments, which they’re both good at.

Tyrum is much better at raid tournaments, his attack is pretty low for challenge event high scores. Chochin and Gill-Ra are good at both. I like Gill-Ra because she’s got a great special skill despite being slow, she drops attack, defense and cleanses.

Do Jack O’ Hare. That’s the best one you have there. Don’t do Gobbler… I have him maxed mostly because him and Little John were my only green heroes for a while. I use Little John much more than I use Gobbler; the former only sees use during Druid quests now. I won’t even bring him against Mother North or Santa, nor against any Titans, because his durability is terrible.
→ For 3* event quests and raid tournaments, Brienne, Berden and Mnesseus are all great. Friar and Carver are only good at raid tournaments.

With Delilah I’m thinking you can definitely hold off on Justice for now; What I’d suggest is doing Hu Tao first. He’s a decent hero, and he’ll give you an idea to see if you’re okay with the slow, blindness to all special skill. Personally I like Hu Tao myself, but that’s just my opinion; try him out first and see (besides he’s better than Chao so for a yellow 4* I’d choose the panda first).
→ For 3* raid tournaments and challenge events, Melia is the best yellow hero tied with Bane in my mind (if not, she’s 2nd best).

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You honestly can’t go wrong here, but I prefer Valen.

Tyrum is the only one of this bunch that I have. He’s good. You might also consider that Gill Ra is the only 3-star cleanser, but that’s balanced against a special that does no damage.

Can tell you from experience that maxed Skittleskull is not that good. Never read anyone that felt good about Gobbler, either. So if you’re looking for a 4-star, Jack is gonna be it. Brienne really helped my blue Titan score (disclaimer: my alliance is small, so we fight baby Titans.) That attack buff can be lethal as part of a good green stack. Also just finished Mnesseus, but I don’t have a good feel for him yet. I don’t like Friar Tuck much, but if you’re hurting for healers like I once was, he’ll do.

Melia here can do the same kind of thing as Brienne, and the buffs stack, so that’s nice. I have found her a bit fragile, but that could just be me. There doesn’t seem to be a clear-cut best yellow 4-star, except Wu Kong for titans, so you probably can’t go wrong with either Hu Tao or Chao. Try to consider things like class needs and such to see if one of them gets the edge.

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