Who to use in a raid team with Wu Kong?

Been working on Wu Kong for a while and got him his 4th ascension stripe this afternoon and thinking I should really use him for more than just Titans. But who to partner him with?

My current line up is Kiril/Sabina/Marjana/Khiona/Tiberus.

Would like to keep the healers in so two spots up for grabs. I’m thinking of trying those that hit multiple targets instead of khiona & marjana (seems counterintuitive to drop them as they are the highest powered heroes I have). In addition to Tiberus (3-60) I have the following 4/5* star multihitters:

Lu Tao (3-60)
Thorne (2-something)
Khagen (2-something)
Li Xiu (1-30 so obviously not ready yet)
Colen (1-1)

Who do you use with Wu Kong on raids/quests and who do you recommend I use from those mentioned above? (Khiona is around 3-50 & Marjana approaching 3-60)


I would suggest always making your team bespoke for the enemy if you have the heroes available. Looks like this will come in time, you have a good roster-in-waiting.

In the meantime seems like you are quite purple heavy. It’s not a disaster, I was red heavy for a long time.

But you have most of the most logical heroes in place already.

Try Wu and Hu against purple tanks, but I think your best bet is to hunt yellow tanks most of the time!

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When I raid with Wu Kong it’s only because I’m doubling on yellow for a purple tank, and even then I make sure to fire all of my specials first, then Wu, and kill everyone left with tiles. He can be really great attacking, but he’s so unpredictable that I wouldn’t use him always. He’s lead me to a lot of victories, and a lot of defeats. Just select your opponent carefully, and select your team just as carefully for every raid. He’s fun, but not someone I would bring in always, only as needed. You don’t use him before specials, only tiles, so if you plan on using him you should try stacking the strong color (vs tank) and/or use the ones with high attack stats to get the job done. Good luck!

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I’m curious on the reasoning for this?

I mean you can, but that chance to miss can really mess up your whole plan. I wait until the effect is gone before firing any specials, unless I have room for error, because if it does miss- your Mana is gone and you have to start all over again. Maybe not so bad with AOE hitters since they’ll at least hit some, same with splash, but with single hitters it can really blow.

How do I beat this level its hard

Don’t worry about finishing all of the levels before you’re ready, just focus on farming and making your team stronger. 8-7 is a great level to farm for experience and recruits, so try that one for a bit! Your future self will thank you if you start banking recruits now (once you get to TC4) for when you get to TC13&20. You won’t probably make it past that level until you have a full 3* decently leveled team (second ascension I wanna say), so rather than wasting flags, wait til you get your guys a little stronger and then try it again.

@Angelz28 what @RandaPandah said.

The game takes time and being that I know first hand that trying to rush through levels bites you in the butt.

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That makes perfect sense (facepalm)
Methinks I’d rather have the guaranteed than the chance of miss with those now that I think about it. Thanks ya. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s alright, made me have to think! & I always appreciate a question that makes me ponder for a bit, wondering if I’m completely misguided in my attempt to help or not. Sorry if that sounds sarcastic (hard to tell through text), but I really mean it, so thank you!

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Thank yall so much!!

No worries. I don’t know if you’ve checked this out, but Advice for New Players, or “All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started.” has got a ton of useful information.

Excellent. I like making people think. :smirk: You summed up my thoughts nicely.

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