Wu Kong on yellow Titan?

Question: would you still take Wu Kong to a yellow Titan or swap him out for a second Purple hero such as Tiburtus or/and Sartana?

I’d probably use all of them TBH. Wu Kong is an absolute beast when you get a nice cascade of tiles against a Titan, no matter the Titan color.

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I’d certainly double purple, possibly triple. I’d also like to keep Wu Kong in the mix, then add a useful fifth hero, complementing the skills of the three purples.

But yes, Wu is a fixture on my Titan teams,


I use Wu on yellow Titans.

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So do I. I use Wu and 2 purples


things you should bring to every titan regardless of color:

attack buff
defense debuff

eg if you have bt bring him against all colors, even blue. same for Wu. ramming pulverizer is nice in that three different colors have it, but if you have athena bring her against all colors.


Thank you so much for all your advice! I am trying to play a bit smarter and not just instinctively anymore so I am stalking the forum and gobbling up all the info my poor depleted neurons can store :wink:
Unfortunately I was not yet playing when Athena became available so I can only dream about her and envy/fear those who have her… sigh.
One more question does Richard count as attack debuffer? I just got Tibertus but it will be a while before he can survive enough to fire off his special

yes richard is attack debuffer. but you want an attack buffer, not debuffer (raise your own attacks ie kiril or bt). get tibs up asap.

I do have BT maxed as attack buffer (my only maxed hero so far) but I keep working on Tibs
Unfortunately… I got lucky early on in the game and pulled some 5*.
I realize now it is a mixed blessing because having no real knowledge I got blinded by the stars.
before I realized that ascending a 4* to max is much easier and gives you a much more powerful hero than a halfway t3 5*… well I had sunk A LOT of resources :wink:
Oh well I just will keep trudging on

Not sure about BT and Athena anymore, at least on some colors.

Have to test yet, coming soon.

Am looking forward to the results!

Not sure about this. I used rainbow team for a long time against blue titan (BT, Grimm, Caed, Sabina, Wu) and after switching BT for LJ my damage went definitely up (15k+ with bad board, 40k with good board on 8* titan). I used dragon banners instead of BT. But I could probably switch Sabina for LJ as well, will try next time.

On topic: Wu always FTW

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You can use items to help with damage reduction- arrows, axes and turtle / dragon banners can help keep Tibertus alive.

In case your question wasn’t answered already, use Wu Kong for every Titan. Always. Even Yellow.

sure. but instead of swapping LJ for BT, swap out sabina. i

i would swap out LJ, I still use Sabina for Yellow titans sometimes. Her attack value is high, helps keep you alive and pairs well with Wu.

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