Pimp my Raid (defense)

I think part of the fun of this game is trying out different combinations of heroes to see what I can do with them. But I find myself at a point where I’m just not sure what to do, and since I’ve seen some helpful people posting in this community, I thought I’d throw it out there. It seems others like to play the mental math of putting heroes together into a strong defense.

So here’s what I’ve got, and what I’m doing with it. I’ve love to hear opinions about what I’m doing right, and what I’m doing wrong, so I can learn and improve!

CURRENT RAID DEFENSE (left to right):
4.52 Rigard | 4.70 Kiril | 4.70+1 Colen | 3.70 Lianna | 4.63 Wu Kong

Below is the bulk of my roster, with duplicates & other notes below each color group:
(max skill unless otherwise noted)

4.52 Rigard
4.25 Tiburtus
3.60 Cyprian
…duplicates of Tibs & Rig, I plan to push them and leave Cyp at 3.60 (is that a mistake?)

4.63 Wu Kong
3.60 Chao (7 skill)
3.19 Guardian Jackal
2.37 Hu Tao (6 skill)
2.06 Li Xiu (5 skill)
…prioritizing Jackal over Chao
…is consensus Li Xiu over Hu Tao? I hate that 35% miss chance when I fight Hu!
…I have a second Wu Kong; should I prioritize him over Hu Tao or Li Xiu?

4.70 Kiril (could do a little Talent, but seems pointless for him)
4.26 Boril
2.34 Grimm (6 skill)
2.49 Sonya (5 skill)
…pushing Grimm, then Sonya
…duplicates: 2x Kiril, one each of Boril & Sonya

3.70 Lianna - 3 tonic before I can ascend
4.1 Caedmon
3.22 Skittleskull (7 skill)
3.14 Little John (7 skill)
…both Skits & John have high Attack rating, worth pushing after Caed?

4.70+1 Colen
3.55 Boldtusk - mats available to ascend
3.60 Scarlett
1.17 Gormek (2 skill)
1.01 Sir Lancelot (1 skill)
…working up Gormek’s skill then pushing him after Boldtusk; unsure about Lancelot

How am I doing? Anything I should be focusing on that I’ve missed in my notes above? :slight_smile:

Imho Wu isn’t well placed in a defense team. If I see one, I’ll throw as many tiles at him as I can to charge my team. If there’s Li, I have to take care a lot of charging her several times :yum:


The class system encourages us to diversify as much as possible so yes this could be a mistake as you need different heroes for each trial

Hu’s special is good but he’s too slow, I think Li is better for that reason. If you pull Justice in the long term Justice gives you the same effect but with tankier stats.

One of the best normal TC20 heroes, wish I had her. Prioritise her!!

One of the best 4* healers. I think Rigard and him are the best. Definitely consider ascending

Skits maybe not if mats are scarce because 5* Horghall has the same effect. But he’ll be useful in sorcerer class trials. I might need to ascend my 3-60 Skittle for that reason but I really don’t want to.

Little John maybe as his skill is unique for a normal 4*. But both Skittle and John are slow.

LJ is very fragile but his special is very useful in challenge events if you have no mana control heroes

Hope these notes help.


@Fizban, great name for a topic!

I agree with @Olmor about Wu. While he can cause some devastation if everyone fires, that -32% accuracy can sting. But, keep working him up to 4/70 as he is a staple on the titan team (I’m sure that isn’t news to you).

If this was my team, I’d either put Tibs’ or Jackal in that left wing. Any defense down works best on the left side. I won’t weigh in on rainbow or not, that’s totally up to player style. Move Rigard to the right, purify can happen at the end of the turn. In a perfect world Kiril fires mitigating any negative attack status.

  • Jackal is a bit of a softy, so I wouldn’t put him in until he’s closer to 4/70.
  • Caedmon would be my priority green while waiting for tonics.
  • I have both Skits and LJ sitting at 1/1 so I can’t really comment knowingly.
  • After you finish Rigs and Tibs, and you have no other purple 4* or 5*'s, I would do the duplicate of Rigard. I have a healer for each war team. But, I’m a conservative fighter. I like all my heroes to live through the fight!

Hopefully this helps*

*this is the opinion of the author and in no way should be used without critically thinking about ones own personal bias and opinions prior to beginning any hero project.


Thanks for the replies, folks. Since writing this a few weeks ago, some things have changed, and I ended up benching Wu Kong in favor of Caedmon, so my defense lineup now sits at:

4.65 Caedmon | 4.70 Kiril | 4.70+2 Colen | 4.52 Rigard | 3.70 Lianna

In the meantime, I lucked into Kunchen (with a single epic token pull early in the month!), and also wound up getting Hatter from a 20-pull of the Wonderland event. And last but not least, I finally got my TC20 up and running, and my second pull from that gave me Quintus. So I have two purple and two green 5* without mats to ascend any of them. :slight_smile: I’m close on purple, and I think I will be leveling up Kunchen for defensive purposes. For green… Lianna’s already at 3-70, but Hatter is really tempting because he seems like he’ll be very strong, also.

Ah well, slowly but surely, I’ll keep making incremental progress. I appreciate the feedback, and I shifted around Rigard & Kiril figuring if all happen to go at the same time, then left to right I’ll dispel enemy buffs, buff my attack before Colen fires his AoE, then cleanse before Lianna takes her buffed shot.

Good gaming!

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