Defense team brainstorm

Hi guys and gals,
I’ve been running with pretty much the same raiding defense team for a long time (Zym-Triton-Kash-Ceadmon-Li Xiu) as I didn’t have the variety to choose from.
However, now that I have acuired and trained more heroes I am not sure about the best set up.
What do you say?
Assume Evelyn and Boldtusk are maxed.

Also, who would you later swap to from the heroes I have not maxed yet (for example, Rigard and Grimm I am working on now), or didn’t even start with?

I can currently comfortably sit on around 2200 cups. While filling raid chests I get to diamond on and off.
For offence raiding I usually use a 3-2 set up. Mostly green-blue, sometimes red-green although there seems to be less green tanks.


Zimkitha - Tiburtus - Li - Eve - Triton
Zimkitha - Caedmon - Gormek - Eve - Triton

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I would use this defense: when I were in your cups range I were doing good with a similar team (Sonya instead of Triton and Scarlett instead of Zimkitha)


Your second line up is closer to what I had in mind. Thought of maybe putting Boldtusk as Tank instead of Gormek because your suggested line up has no healer (not sure Zym and Eve are enough).

As for the first suggestion, I don’t think Li Xiu is tanky enough.

yeah BT will do , i only saw maxed heroes

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I love Wu on the map and mainly on titans.
I am not really fond of him for raiding (offense or defense) because the miss chance can cost you a loss.
Not sure about it though.
Cyprian worked well for me on lower levels. On the verge of Diamond though I assume most players have debuffers so he seems less effective.
Many use Boril as tank and that never made me skip an opponent.

Cyprian is mainly a deterrent for opponents to focus on the left side, the key would be to let Wu Kong fires his special and to finish them with autoattacks :slight_smile: