Wu Kong on titans, what’s best? Wu Kong best practices for raids and quests?

Hi everyone, i use Wu on all titans. My question is how is best to use him. Should i be running like a 2-1-1-1 lineups to maximize as much tile damage as possible. Or 3-1-1 or 4-1 mono. Please advise, thank you all.

It depends on your hero roster, of course. As mono as possible is best, but you also want a -defense hero, like Grimm/Tibertus/Wilbur/Buddy. If you have Wilbur you could do well by having Wilbur+Wu+ 3 of the strong color as your titan team template.


Just got my first Wu from my T13. I’m a fairly new F2P. He’s only my 5th 4*. Any tips on best practices and ways to use him for raids, quests, titan’s etc. who to pair him with etc. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance and may the RNG be with you, always


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dont have any of does, i do have Gormek and Isarnia tho

Wu was my second 4-star, and one of my favorite heroes. I use him for basically everything (considering retiring him for defense, if I get something sturdier).

You have to remember that his special lasts 5 turns. (I often find myself counting them… Especially because I also have Wilbur, who either needs to be shot off before Wu Kong – ideal – or after Wu has worn off.) During those five turns, you want to make really good tile damage. If possible, avoid shooting off other specials during this time, at least if you are easily frustrated – a 500 point special sniper attack under Wu Kong might do 1200 points of damage, but might also do zero. On the tiles, the law of averages saves you (you hit enough tiles that the average is going to be way above normal), but with specials, you might well waste a full bar of mana for nothing.


Fire Wu last (unless you’re desperate).

By which i mean, if Wu has charged and some other hero is charged, use the other specials first so that they are sure to hit. Wu’s great strength is increasing tile damage. If you fire an important special like Grimm’s -defense, the consequences of a miss are big. So fire Wu last. I’ll even go as far as holding Wu’s special forma turn on occasion if I can see that I’ll be able to charge and fire an important special next turn.

The exception here is if you’re going to lose unless a buffed hero’s special will clear the board. Without Wu’s buff, the special won’t do enough damage and you’ll lose, so you have everything to gain by casting the special, saying a quick prayer to RNGesus, and firing the (hopefully) killing blow.

Wu is not great on defense because defense makes fewer, more powerful strikes. Wu excels when there are many small strikes, making the misses less meaningful. Wu is also squishy. Still, he’s better than a 3* hero if that’s the alternative.


I usually run Wu Kong + 4 of the strong color.

The exception is if the titan has some kind of skill I want to watch out for; e.g. I may bring Sabina or Melendor to dispell the titan buffs usually found in Rare titans. A healer is nice to include to extend your titan playtime. But not necessarily required if you’re stocked up on healing potions.

For the support cast, I try to stick as close to the color I need as possible. For e.g. a red titan I’ll bring Kirril and Grimm along, since they’re both blue and both have desirable effects that maximize damage with Wu Kong. A green titan I will bring Boldtusk and Gormek, for the same reasons.


Agreed, but it’s not wise to run mono against a purple dragon because there’s no yellow -defense hero. I bring Athena or Wilbur instead.


It’s pretty incredible that they haven’t come out with a yellow -defense hero yet.

Anyway, I tend to use Wu in between other heroes’ specials. I’ll use him after the ones that have important secondary effects (Grimm/Wilbur/etc., Jackal/Panther/etc., Hansel/Merlin/etc., I’ll use the term “strings attached” for the rest of this comment), but before sniper-type heroes (Lianna, Magni, etc.).

If you’re using Wu, then you need to accept that there will be misses, and that they’re worth the extra damage in the long-term, even though you might suffer in the short-term. Therefore, any damage you’re planning to do, which doesn’t have “strings attached,” should be with Wu’s special in effect whenever possible.

Most players only use Wu against Titans once their rosters mature. I actually like using him on the map in some spots too though. For example, when I’m playing the Hard levels in Season 2, I don’t really worry that I’m going to lose (even if I get a bad board, and even if Wu causes a ton of misses), because my other heroes are strong enough to pick up the slack. And when I get decent boards, and when Wu works the way we all WANT him too, I fly through those levels in no time. So I’m basically using him as a time saver. It’s inconsistent, sure, but in the long run it’s a net win for me.

Scale that last paragraph to your roster strength and use Wu accordingly. If you find yourself in danger of actually losing a particular level, then that’s probably not a level to bring Wu. He may help you win it more easily, but he also makes the chances of a loss greater.

On the other hand, if you run into a level that you actually have a really hard time beating, that’s a great time to sub Wu in! Sure, if the level is already too hard for your best heroes, and he makes you miss in key spots, you’re going to lose. But the point here is, you were probably going to lose that level (again) anyway! And if he doesn’t cause a lot of misses, he can win it for you almost single-handedly!


Oh yeah, against dark titans I usually go 4 yellow ( Wu included ) + Grimm or Gormek (whichever I feel like). I don’t have Will nor Athena but same idea.

Oh, and one more thing I wanted to add:

I think the ideal Titan lineup is Wu*, Wilbur, and your three best** heroes of whatever color is strong against that titan.

*Actually, Tarlak would replace Wu in my ideal Titan lineup, but I don’t have him, and neither do most of the rest of us!

** “Best” in this context doesn’t necessarily mean the hero you have the most success with on the map, and/or in raids. For example, Sonya is a pretty good 4* hero, but she’s pretty “meh” against titans. She doesn’t have very high tile damage, and the dispel effect in her special is wasted in titan fights.

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70K Wu Jackal
old school
mono titan hit.

I literally just got Wu Kong and see the gambling aspect in using him… I also have Miki (who has become known as the Titan Killer) and wondered if combining them could be useful… Any thoughts on that?

I go into a Titan fight by popping off a super mana and setting off the Wrath of the Tundra right away… In the end, it gets me some decent numbers! But, like all of you, improvement doesn’t hurt…

By combining them you would get Wu Kong’s miss chance and Miki’s normal attack limit.

Really not optimal as you would give up on a hero of the strong color to get only special skill’s damage at the cost of your tiles’ 100% hit rate.

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Is wu worth using on a yellow titan?

Do you have one of the other titan buffers? (Miki, Tarlak or Ranvir?)

If no, then hes 100% worth taking :slight_smile:

His main role is to buff the strong colour stack you got going. Against a yellow titan his main purpose will be to buff the purple tiles. His yellow tiles are a bonus but not necessary.

Have a look at this thread where I run thru the maths of Wu Kong a bit more :slight_smile:

Only wu kong, but i get it. Can use him better all the time then.

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