Who to keep? Who to feed? Who to level up first?

Thank you nevarmaor - I looked in the Player Guides but didn’t see this one. Great link!

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this X is eat eat eat!! start with healers first then 5* then 4* fast heroes then 3*!!!
ohhh btw NEVER EVER limit break 3* they can be replaceable (they can release a better 3* then you won’t need the older one) just my opinion…good luck :slight_smile:

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Not sure if that is a recent video, but when I started the only reason I leveled 3* is because I wanted depth for wars and emblem quests… there were no raid tournaments, the challenge event for rare didn’t even give a 3* ascension material (to upgrade 4* heroes). 3* have gained importance over time and some of the newer ones are powerful event against max level titans or in rush war settings (Faiez!). So there is a risk if you are watching old content that it can be outdated and inaccurate, cause there was a time when 3* really didn’t matter much when I started, I still leveled a ton of them cause that’s what I had, but they are not prevalent in all aspects of the game more than just fillers.

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Jimmy, FWIW, I’m not too far ahead of you, but I have to say my riposte (Boril) has been my MVP so far. You have Cyprian, I’m levelling him up, too. Maybe when we’re all 5* players we’ll leave them behind, but for now he really kills off the opponent’s big hitters.

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go ahead do that :slight_smile: Also you can do the same on discord or reddit if you prefer that… Lot of options to get people to help you out!

Absolutely! One very important lesson learned already :slight_smile:

Yes! Unless you have less than 5 3star heroes. You do need a minimum of 5 heroes :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Sally has been a stud, but I barely even use Jahangir anymore, replaced him with Boldtusk

I haven’t purchased any new heroes with gems, any new ones are from coins or training. I just received Rudolf with an epic hero summons coin. I now have a whole lot of fire. Would it be crazy to feed Sumitomo and Skrekok away? Or?

Side note: after Joukah is maxed I think I’m going to focus on Captain of Diamonds because I HATE minions

Thanks again for putting the time in to send me the advice. Very much appreciated

Frank and Sally have been my tag-team champions. I love when I can use them as a 1-2 punch, usually taking everyone out at one. They are my MVPs as of now. I

I’m not asking to join anyone’s alliance but looking to find out if social alliances are common? One where if someone asks a question or makes a comment, you’ll get responses in real-time (or quickly). Like I previously said, there is NO socializing at all in my alliance, and there’s only like a 25% chance anyone will respond to a question even within the next 24 hours. I don’t want to bash them, I like a couple of them a lot, I’m just dying. I need to be with a more engaged group, I’m a big chatter in games.

So is my alliance the norm or are there plenty of social alliances out there? If so, I need to change asap.

I really don’t want to start a thread with this question LOL…. I just don’t know where to go to find this out

Most / the majority of alliances I have been in have been very “social” with real time advice.
That’s in either Chat or out of game discussion in either Line or Discord etc….
That’s what works for me and it’s great for teamwork (in my opinion).
But it’s swings and roundabouts some players don’t like Chat so won’t entertain that sort of stuff. They log on - do their work and log out (simples)…
So for me it’s finding the right alliance that fits my preferred “style” for the game.
My advice though - it’s better the devil you know than the devil you don’t….
Good luck :smiley:

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Hi @JimmyTreeX - I hope you´re having great fun with the game! :slight_smile:

I´m afraid that kind of alliance you are in is very common in the game these days, sadly.

I empathize, I love a social alliance too. If I were to take a guess, the lack of these are down to a couple of reasons, which are both the lack of a decent communication platform in the actual game, in terms of how you can talk with your fellow alliance members - as well as how one is able to recruit too. It might also have something to do with the fact that this game is treated like a very casual mobile game for some, and they barely read chat at all.

The interface of Empires and Puzzles feels so outdated compared to other ‘social’ games, that wants to encourage team work and bonding with other players.

But, no response at all for 24 hours sounds rather demotivating, and that is not the experience I have in my own Alliance at least. Based on what you have written in this thread, I think you sound far too interested in the social aspect of the game to stay with your current Alliance - it would simply be a shame, that you miss out on the chance to connect with other players, and the chance to also be able to get advice, guidance and have a bit of fun chit chat. It is also a shame, that you are not in an Alliance that appreciates your nature!

Perhaps it´s time to move forward? Good luck ahead, if you do :four_leaf_clover: Over in the Alliance Recruitment section here: Alliance Recruitment - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum - you might be able to find a new home :seedling:

I would keep them, at least for now - until you progress further in the game - so many events and new content requires a big collection of heroes, as some can only be used once etc. :slight_smile: Rudolph is great too - congratulations on him, fast mana control is always welcome :fire:

Good call on Captain of Diamonds, minions are everywhere!

Have fun :piñata:


My alliance is a mid-level casual alliance, probably fairly typical. We have members who will chat daily (although not in real time – we are international), and others who never chat at all. Any question asked though will be answered within a few hours by a few of us, sometimes leading to an actual discussion :exploding_head: … and we never recruit but always have 28-30 members.

And I concur with the Captain. I am currently working on Gobbler for that reason, and am contemplating a second C. Gormek … since the 5* minion eaters avoid me.


Thank you so very much for taking the time to send me this. I definitely think it’s time to find a new home. I’m not looking to have a constant dialogue or anything, but I’m currently in an alliance where nothing is said for weeks. I’m the only one ever posting on the chat.

And you are right about needing a lot of heroes, I keep learning that the hard way when certain events come up and I don’t have enough arrows for it or they are all too weak.

Thanks again for taking the time to write this, I greatly appreciate it!

Thank you! And I know real-time chat is asking a lot, I didn’t mean that, but being able to lean on alliance members for guidance would be extremely beneficial to me.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond


Thank you for taking the time to send your advice. I greatly appreciate it!


Are any of you still around on this thread to help with another person’s “who would you keep/feed away/prioritize for leveling”? When I try to start a new thread of my own, it won’t let me attach any screenshots of my team. Just in case, I will post them and hope for the best :ok_hand: :+1: Thank you!


Too many I’ve held on to for fear of making feeders out of one’s that i could have needed … so apologies for the number to wade through … feel free to X those that should be served up to the others as dinner. Thank you :blush: