Help, I'm a level 26 NEWBIE hoarding way to many heroes because I don't know who to keep and who to get rid of

I have been playing since 02/2020, and have managed to acquire quite a few heroes, the problem is, I have no idea who I should keep and who I should get rid of. I’m so afraid I will get rid of one I should have kept that I’ve pretty much saved them ALL and I’m now running out of room to hold them, I’ve already spent way more gems than I should have on buying space. I need advise on which ones I should get rid of, and which ones I should keep and focus on leveling all the way first because right now I seem to be jumping all over the place and it isn’t working… These are who I have to work with, please help!


What is your priority in the game? Wars? Titans? Raids? Tournaments?

You don’t need Zudak. Prisca and Dawa and Graymane are not that great. You don’t need three Banes or three Melias (maybe two for tournaments).

Concentrate on 3* and 4* leveling until you have the ascension items for 5* and a solid bench of 4* to use while leveling up the 5*. It will take a while to accomplish.


yup… agree with @nevarmaor focus 3x 3* vanila and 3x 4* vanilla

i dont keep 2*,

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Agree with the above… just want to remind you there’s a bonus for feeding the same hero to itself, so you could (for example) feed Hu Tao to Hu Tao. You might want to check out the costume threads as well to determine which 3*s are worth keeping/duplicating.


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You have received great advice already. I would say that one should err on the side of keeping more heroes.

The trick is knowing how to prioritize. Find one hero of each color and work on them. Generally, work on the three-strars first. It seems counterintuitive, but you will make more progress more quickly that way.

I would say you should prioritize Hansel ahead of Skittleskull and Gobbler and Chao ahead of Hu Tao, for example. Over time, you’ll see a pattern wherein you always avoid working on a hero in favor of another which may mean you can feed her/him away.


Right now I was trying to build up a good defense team for wars, but also love to compete in the tournaments… Titans are probably my lowest priority right now, I hit them to participate but am not overly concerned with how well I score on them just yet… I’ve been told by people in my alliance to get rid of ALL my 3 *'s, but I need those for my tournaments, so I haven’t, I know I need to definitely thin them down, just not sure which would be best to lose and best to keep.

My advice, is as shown

Finish off some 3* faster and easier, doesn’t require none farmable, at least one of the following ;
Green : Brienne and particularly CBrienne her special is awesome, Belith, Mnesseus Berden and Carver

Red : Hawkmoon and C-Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Namahage, Jahangir etc

Blue : you are done with Chick Jr. So complete Gato, Gunnar, Nordri, Valen, Ulmer and Vodnik.

Dark ( purple): Tyrum & C, Gil-ra, Bjorn, Chochin, Oberon, costume Renfeld would also be good when available.

Holy ( yellow) : Melia and Kailani.

By the time you are done with all these, you will have more than enough non farmable mats to complete 4*
finish up Kiril, Sabina, Rigard, and Boldtursk.
=> Grimm, Hansel, Chao and Scarlett ; Triton.,LJ, Wilbur…etc.

As already advised, get 4* rainbow done before focusing on 5*, I will suggest at least 3 -4 rainbow of 4 *s.


Generally speaking, the non-S1 heroes are stronger.

For 3* Tournaments I’d keep:

  • Dark: Tyrum (and/or Balthazar), Chochin, Bjorn, Gill-ra (for buff booster), Oberon (for rush)
  • Holy: Kailani, Melia, Bane (and/or Gan Ju)
  • Ice: Vodnik, Gunnar, Ulmer (for rush), Gato, Nordri
  • Nature: Belith, Berden, Brienne, Mnesseus, Muggy
  • Fire: Hawkmoon, Namahage, Jahangar (for rush)

I currently have 32 maxed 3* mainly for tournaments with a few more like Muggy and a dupe Tyrum (w/ Costume) that I want to finish.


Sorry to disagree with your alliance, but if you enjoy tournaments, keep your favorite threes. I also enjoy tourneys, and think they improve my raiding skills, even/especially the three-star tourneys.

It stinks to spend gems doing so, but you can buy more room for your roster. In my experience, if I have five heroes I am leveling, I need more feeders not room. Good luck

Best advice I can give:

I would also suggest that before working on the 4* heroes you build a nice little platform of 3* heroes too… Probably work on 2 or so rainbow 3* teams for use in tournaments or events.


I’d ignore those people in your alliance. By that I mean, if that’s the quality of their advice, I’d ignore the advice until they show some level of competence at giving advice to newer players in general and you, specifically.

How much roster space do you have currently? Spending “too many gems” - is that what you think, they think, or a combination? Some people have 300 roster space, others far less. I see 90 spots, and I’m guessing you have some 1* and 2* feeders. If you are running at 90, I’d argue you are more likely to not have enough, considering how lucky you are at obtaining HOTM.

Eat all your 2* and finish some key 3* first

Eat greymanes, dawas, renfield, prisca,
4* gobbler, skittles, Hu Tao, they’re not very good and since you don’t seem to be ftp, you’ll have better heroes.

Costume up your 3*/4* for quickest bang.
After the above 3*, come back and asks for next 4* to work on.

I agree with most of the above.
Certainly do NOT get rid of all 3*. Apart from the Upcoming Tavern of Legends where you need 50 heroes including 3*, monthly events always include a rare level. And Nordri for instance showed his real value in the last one. Your real difficulty is prioritizing. Just pick any subset of those recommended and do them first then move on.

eat them include zudak.

You’ve been given good advice from some great players… no need to echo their words.

But I loved the title of this thread so I had to say something. :blush:

Happy grinding!


If that is the advice you are getting in your alliance, you need a new alliance.

I would start with a rainbow 3* team, then build a rainbow 4* team: 4 hitters, 1 healer. Then start filling in for depth: 1 healer in another color and a second hitter in the other 4 colors. I’d reverse and do 4* first, then 3*. That should put you in decent shape for monthly events and tournaments and completing special quests so you can get more ascension items.

I would keep 1 of every 3* and 4* hero. Some are with keeping 2. With costumes, you may want to keep 2 so you can have and use together the costume and non-costume heroes together. Also because heroes get “rebalanced” occasionally so a bad hero may become good, and vice versa.

You will also develop a style of play and based on who you use around a hero and ow you play affects how good they are to you.

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