Need help with who to keep and who to feed

Any help with who may complement my hero’s. Who to watch for and keep for future collection. Thanks in advance

I feed all 1&2* heroes and only leave one copy of 3*. Healer 4* I have double but no more then that. I saw that a lot of people leave multiple copies off 3* but as your growing I would feed all except one copy.


Nice roster, especially in light of how long you appear to have been playing (based on your hero capacity).

When thinking about which hero to level next, we have priorities: raids, wars, tourneys, and events.

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As you progress, your solid 3-star heroes become more and more restricted to tourneys and events. Depending on where your priorities are, you may want to focus more on your 4 and 5-star heroes.

If so, I’ll tell you the heroes I would focus on for each element:

Keep leveling Tiburtus as his defense down is good in general and especially for titans.
Keep Sabina since you’ve already invested in her and her debuff is useful in wars and raids.
I would next work on Proteus because he is so fun to raid with.

Easy first priority is Wu Kong for titans. If you care about titans, you have to level him up.
Li Xiu since you’ve already invested in her. (She was my first 4-star hero and a sentimental favorite of mine, but she’s not on many folks’ all-star lists.)
I would wait to see whether you can score another yellow hero before I put more resources into Vivica or Hu Tao as their speed makes them niche players IMO (specifically rush tourneys). I wouldn’t eat Vivica as you will eventually want her to fill out your roster, but it could be a while.

Kiril will be a mainstay for a while, so keep leveling him.
Grimm and Sonya are great, so level them ahead of Richard as he will consume a lot of resources and Grimm or Sonya will be useful sooner. Grimm’s defense down is good in raids and against titans while Sonya’s debuff and speed are great for raids.

I would hold off on Horghall as he is slow and will consume a lot of resources. He was my first 5* hero that I leveled, and I have a spot in my heart for him, but there are better green heroes to wish for.
Instead, Caedmon’s debuff is good in raids and wars so level him up.
Melendor has a bad rap for squishiness, but he has a decent tile score and debuffs.
I would next work on Brynhild and hold off on Skittleskull.

I’m least clear on the order, but I do know whom to work on for this element.
Colen since you’ve already invested and he’s good in rush tourneys.
Boldtusk is a solid hero who, like Kiril, will feature in your war lineups for a long time.
Jean François is worthy of the materials to level him, even at where I presume you to be. So, unless you draw Grave Maker in the next Atlantis summons, JF is a good bet.
Wilbur is handy too, in wars, tourneys, events, and titans.

All the above is just one opinion, you’ll likely get many more some of which will contradict mine. In any case, I hope you find it helpful.

Good luck!


Thank you for your time. Just curious how many teams of 3* do you need to keep

All good advice above

Personally I have about six ascended threes in each colour, for tournaments and rare events. So if you have trained a three, I would keep it

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Interesting question. My assessment of a E&P player’s evolution has a focus on 3* heroes that fades and then re-emerges as one’s roster gets “rounded out.” I should say, though, that I am a little out-of-step with some of the folks in my alliance in that I put a lot of energy (i.e., materials (e.g., troops, food, attention)) on tournaments. I like tournaments, and I feel as though my participation in them has made me a better (albeit quite average) raider. For many players, tourneys aren’t a focus and, therefore, three-star heroes have a short lifespan of utility. If one is focused solely on war and raids (and the map), then fewer three-star heroes is better.

So… I have two or three 3* heroes of each color that I regularly use. Some of them – Nordri – I only recently leveled. But I really like tourneys. At this point in the game, I very, very rarely use them in wars (and never in raids). On the other hand, since they require relatively fewer materials to level up, they’re not a bad investment.

I’ll also say – if you’re still reading; I tend to be long-winded – that I was slow to really learn how to raid and as a consequence, I was slow to be very effective in war. Depending upon where you fit (top-to-bottom) in your alliance, one can be quite effective in clean up during wars with a cast of three-star heroes, particularly if they are leveled-up.

That is a long way to saying that while it is tempting to level the sexy, five-star heroes as soon as you get them, it may be wiser to finish up the three and four-star heroes first (or in tandem) as they require less food and can be effective sooner and don’t require rare ascension materials that can put a five-star hero in ascension limbo as you’re waiting for a farsighted telescope, or whatever.

I hope that helps.

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It’s does thanks! I really am still learning but have sacrificed too much time and hero’s I wish I wouldn’t have now. Not much luck getting some hero’s I really want


LOL. I think every player of this game feels that way at some point. I certainly have.

Since I love to give unsolicited advice, there is a lot of great work on which are best heroes for offense, defense, titans, etc. One I go to often is Anchor’s grading. Many can quibble with some of the details, but it’s an interesting perspective.

That won’t help you get the heroes you want, but it can help you identify which of the heroes you have are worth developing.



I would prioritize Proteus and Wilbur. Finish these heroes and feed them emblems. After that, Wu for Titans, Kiril and Grimm for blue and I’d go with Brynhild for green.

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After you finish all the 4* you have ascended i would focus on Proteus- Wilbur- Wu Kong . Then i will move to the healers . Boldtusk and Kiril . Lastly i will ascend grimm .
Dont forget to keep maxing those three stars because they are so useful for events and you may want to use them in the next new events called tavern where the same as wars you can use your heroes once time .

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This is more thorough than my contribution. Lol

Boldtusk costume
Sonya costume
Li xiu costume

Definitely finish all the ones on the last tier.

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I think your issue, honestly, is a lack of storage space. You have lots of useful heroes, and duplicates of some. The screenshots seems to have duplicates where you may not, though, as Team 1 has changed.

What I’d recommend is:

  1. Setting up Team 1 to be the 5 heroes you are working on leveling, one of each color. It makes managing things much easier.

  2. Not dumping any 4* or 5* you only have 1 copy of. I’d also keep any non-basic 3* you only have one copy of. For your basic, season 1 3*, I’d keep any one that is leveled up for sure. You don’t have any that I don’t think there’s a niche for, but Dawa is one you may not need if you are okay on rogues.

  3. I agree that Wilbur, Wu Kong, and Proteus are important heroes to get leveled up, and I’d prioritize them heavily, to the point of making them my priorities for their colors unless you have a hero that is almost at a level stopping point that you can quickly finish up to where it would need another acension, or where it’s complete.

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