Who to give hidden blades to when the time comes, Scarlett or Boldtusk?

My alt account for some odd reason is getting 4 stars like crazy! I just redeemed a epic hero token and got Scarlett. Thing is I already have Boldtusk and I know I am not gonna be having 2 sets of hidden blades anytime soon so the question I pose to everyone here, who should take priority, Scarlett or Boldtusk? I know until I get a compass to drop they are both gonna be sitting at 3/60. My alt is seriously lacking in the offensive department. I have more tanks than direct attackers. My current line up right now is Boldtusk, Jabbar, Bane, Olaf, and Kashhrek. I mean Scarlett is good for stacking against green titans. And I will use her when that comes but I am maintaining a rainbow team for the time being until I get advanced training unlocked so I can expand my 3 stars.


Boldtusk. He is one of the best 4* heroes out there. You’ll use him a long time.


Tusker is the man he will ALWAYS fallow you into the battle. He is a MUST have hero.

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+1 Boldtusk 1st, healer plus +att, just like Kiril… savety tools thats always bring wether just for stacked colors helper (BT+Scarlett+others) or single color helper (BT+other color).


@jinbatsu Yeah at this rate Boldtusk will reach 3/60 before Scarlett does anyway. He is already at tier 2 and I have been pumping one and two star fire heroes into him nonstop. Luckily only Kashhrek and Jabbar need scabbards. I got enough chainmail shirts for Boldtusk.


BT is also a great candidate for your fighter emblems. A self-resurrecting healer is an incredible PITA to battle.


BOLD tusk
BOLD tusk
BOLD tusk



Scarlett is nice but boldtusk is more longterm

Even with 30 maxed 5s i still use boldtusk. If u asked me the last time i used scarlett, the answer would be probly 5 months or more ago.

Scarlett is worth blades as she is useful for a long time

But boldtusk should be prioritized first


I have 4 maxed bolds, and except against blue tanks I use at least 3 of them in wars. So, your question is not really a question :slight_smile:

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In terms of leveling I am gonna do with Boldtusk and Scarlett what I am doing right now with Proteus and Cyprian. Feeding my one stars to the lower one and the twos to the higher.

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First Bold, then Proteus.
Then I would go for Scarlett and last Cyp.

Boldie. Dont ask why… just level him up, give him emblem and you will see.

@ArthurE_P I play on two different profiles. My main has Proteus and Cyprian, where as my alt has Boldtusk and Scarlett.


Just has to be Boldusk and if I get a scarlett I feed her to one of my spare Boldusks.

Lol . Every one has said Boldy , I am gonna say Scarlett!!!

… After you finish Boldusk :smile:

Personally I’ve said this before … one can never have too many boldtusks.

I have 4 and 3 Scarletts lol


Going with everyone here. Boldtusk.

I would go for boldtusk. I have him fully maxed and emblemed to 6 and still use him for his power ups to hunt Titans together with Grimm among my 5* snipers.

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Unanimous vote with Boldtusk. Scarlett is decent, but it’s hard to beat a tanky red healer / buffer. Tusk is far more useful overall.


Adding my voice to the chorus: BT. And I have him at 70+19. He is as good as most five stars at that level

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Lol. Idleness


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