Boldtusk or Scarlet

Who should i ascend boldtusk or scarlet

They’re both great heroes, I would go with Boldtusk first (average heal + awesome attack boost to all). Scarlett should follow afterwards since she’s got a great attack stat.


In my honest opinion, and I have both these heroes, I would go with Boldtusk 100% and then put emblems on him. Good luck

I have both on my alt. And I can definitely say Boldtusk over Scarlett.

I use both in my red stack. I would go with BT first.

I have both, Scarlet +6 and BT +15. Go BT first and 2nd :blush:

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Just to be different… I know Scarlett is a glass cannon when maxed so I’d imagine she’s completely unusable at 3/60. How is BT at 3/60? Agreed both should be maxed… just wondering if durability at 3rd tier would be more of a deciding factor…

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It’s not as “exciting” to work on maxing healers but I don’t think you’ll regret it in the long run. BT is an awesome healer, a good tank, works wonderfully with Wilbur (I mention Wilbur whenever I can).

When I first started playing I was grinding away working on my healers while everyone else was maxing their fancy heroes. I now have the option of using 2 healers per war team, whenever I wish.

No regrets!


Do you usually raid with two healers? Some prefer to raid with only one. I am still figuring out which I prefer.

I’m still figuring it out too! It depends on my opponent and my own heroes.

If I’m using a 3 stack with Wilbur I almost always take BT alone.

If I’m using yellows (my weak point), I’ll take Vivica and probably a healer in the 2nd colour.

Sometimes I like to use all my snipers and just go in quick. I don’t raid for the cups so I’ll try a team, fail and try it again and again. It doesn’t matter to me if my opponent gets a good laugh at my expense. If I’ve learned something about my heroes, that’s all that counts for me.


Re: 1 or 2 healers. I’ve always personally liked playing tank in everything I do (well everything gaming), and this isn’t an exception for me. I prefer teams that are boring, sturdy, and reliable than flashy and squishy glass cannons.

I’ve had a lot more fun with Chao, Richard, and Kelile than I have with Grimm, Little John, and Scarlett, even though nobody on the forums likes them.

But that’s just me.

Ergo, a 2 healer attack team works for me. Using my red/blue stack as the ultimate example, I’d walk in with either this
Or this

Glass cannons? Not a one. Can take a heck of a pounding? Definitely.

But that’s just my :gem::gem:


Both, but Boldtusk first.

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