Have enough materials to ascend either Boldtusk or Scarlett to tier 4…any recommendations?

I have Scarlett to tier 4… it’s not impressive.


Definitely Boldtusk.

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Another vote for Boldtusk. Healing and attack increase are a nice combo.

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Going with Boldtusk, thanks for the input.


Really depends on your team make up and who you have. If you also have Mele and Rig, it would make no sense to level Bold.

Exactly - depends on what you have and what you use them for.

Boldtusk will be a hero you use for a long long time. Scarlett will last until you actually get a better red hitter.

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Boldtusk unless you’ve got Kiril. I find it’s a MUCH better healer for everything from titans to events than stuff like Melendor or Rigard. Attack buff is just nice to have.

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Great advice. I will say that even though I agree and I have Kiril on both accounts. I still don’t have him trained and ascended fully on either account. I think it is because I am working on 5 star Ice heroes.

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