Who gets the hidden blades? 4 options

I’m working on my 3rd rainbow team of 4*s. No 5’s yet. So far I have Boldtusk at 70+6 and Sumitomo at 70+7. I have enough blades for another red, and am debating my next move.

My options are (all at 3^60):

  1. Scarlett
  2. Gormek
  3. Kelile
  4. Hidden Blades are hard to find. Save them for a better hero.

Each has their own merits. My primary focus tends to be on titan hits and alliance wars. I’d be grateful for any opinions.

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1,2 or 4 :rofl:
Scarlet has a very useful debuff that can help in a lot of situation. Her tile damage his huge so in a stack, she does very well.

Gormek, a ramming pulverizer is always useful. He doesn’t hit very hard but is sturdy enough to be able to hold his own against 5*. He won’t the one to deliver the killing blow, but he will prepare your other heroes to do so !

If you are at your 3rd 4* team, i assume you can complete all tier of events and rare quests. So, hidden blades will come! The only hero i would wait for, is Wilbur tbh. BUT Atlantis just finished, so it might be a month minimum before you have another chance at him.
If you have a TC20 running, you could keep your mats also, in the hope of pulling a red 5* and then going all in with this one. But there is no guarantee on that scenario :joy:

Therefore, depending on the rest of your roster, if you lack a RP, go Gormek, if you want more offense and attack down, go Scarlet


Gormek’s low power does kind of bother me, and since I already have Tiburtus for the ramming pulverizer, I think it’s going to be Scarlett this time around.

Thank you for the rapid response!


Scarlett gets my vote. Fast and high attack. You’ll get wilbur eventually and he’ll replace gormek. Scarlett will be useful longer.


I use Scarlet against titans.

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Edited. Scarlett has biggest punch.

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Scarlett was my 1st *4 hero, and I let it so long to 3.60 (skill: 5/8) :sweat_smile:.
I ascend Wilbur, Boldtusk and Falcon… well doing great for green Titan.
Then, after debate between Anzogh and Marjana, I decide to ascend Scarlett, because I relase attack debuff has advantage for Trial (and also for other).
Then, after Scarlett about lvl 4.30, now my titan score is more higher then before (from 67k to 79k).
No regret ascend Scarlett.

So, Scarlett gets my vote too.


Scarlet for sure. Gormek is great with massive health but attack does let him down. He is great when you start focusing on having more colour specific titan teams for a red stack again a green although if you are lower level then you may be versing lower level titans anyway where he could be viable enough at 3.60.

Kelile I would put in the “when I have 8 hidden blades and little other choices pile” :slight_smile:

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I also have two Kelile at 3-60 that are likely not going anywhere soon. One ocaasionally gets used on a 6th war flag.


Scarlett based on your choices.
If you have Wilbur, then shelve Gormek.

Next hotm in a few days definitely if you get her.


Hmm. I’d still do Scarlett over hotm… sounds like roster depth is a concern and should be rounded out a bit first.


If you do pulls I’d wait a few more days. Grazul is a very fast red healer that is next HotM. I have all 3 and Scarlett is good but very low defense. Kellie is nearly as good with better defense and special that has dot. Gormek is fine but he’s mainly defense esp vs the other ramming pulvos.

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In my honest opinion. And I have all three heroes, I would go with Scarlett. Play with what you got, you could wait a long time for something better


Gormek, because you don’t have a maxed def- caster in the red department yet.

Scarlett should follow immediately after though.


Gormek, 100%. Scarlett’s punch may be a bit higher, but Gormek’s def-bust makes everyone punch higher. Gotta have a def breaker on titans, high scores are all about stacked tile damage, not getting a little extra out of a special.


Since it doesn’t look like you have a red Defense Debuff character, I’d probably choose Gormek first. Scarlett is a close second though! She hits like a tank, and is great in stacks!


Big fat Gormek is the most useful of the lot

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Gormek is great though he hits rather soft vs. the other ramming pulvos. I have all 3 and all are max. Gormek is fine on defense. Scarlett is great but VERY squishy even with emblems for defense. I had her emblemed but gave them to Domitia. Her evade is very nice. Kelile is basically like Scarlett but more balanced and she hit plus has a DoT. I think she gets ignored but honestly she has a higher Power rating than Scarlett and Gormek and I think her skill is better since it causes more damage plus has the DoT. Scarlett hits with more tile power but her skill is soft and while it hits enemy plus near I think Kelile shouldn’t be ignored. Of course Mitsuko is my red right now and I have Khagan and Elena so the 4* only get use in raids or other war teams.

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Imo, Gormek because he is the only general defense down in the vanilla batch. And imho defense down is the most useful debuff throughout the game. At least he has the bulk to stand with 5 stars and reduce their defense in the process. Granted Scarlett is a great hero but she is way to squishy for me to use effectively. If I do use her, I am packing two healers. I am wishing Gormek was a monk instead of another barbarian though. That way you don’t have to split the barbarian emblems between him and Grimm.

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I have Gormek +8 emblems… and he still sucks. Tons of life? Yes, but it means nothing when def is so low. Not to mention his attack.

I don’t have Scarlett or Kelile leveled, but if could go back, I would surely choose one of the ladies instead of Gormek.

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