Boldtusk or wait for red 5*?

Red has always been my E&P color. Most of my top heroes are reds. Got maxed Gormek, Colen, Kelile, and as of late, Boldtusk, which is closing 3/60. As you figured out already, my hidden blade consumption level was pretty high. I already used 12 and right now I got 4 of them waiting for Boldtusk. But I also have 6 rings and plenty of compasses, gloves, tomes and damascus blades… Also, my TC 20 is coming online tomorrow evening, in a week (research) I’ll be crossing my fingers for 5* heroes. So, what would you do? Use the last of the hidden blades on Boldtusk or wait for a red 5* that may or may not come in the near future? At this moment I’m 99% for ascending BT.

BT a; because he is great and b; because it guarentees you will train a red 5* really soon lol :wink:


Yes Boldy all the way. Easier to max than a 5* and will be still bein* used even when you have the coveted 5* red


Agree with BT. By the time you receive a new 5 star red and train it to 2.60 you may have already received 4 more blades for the new hero. And BT always comes in handy. Use him in all of my red stacks. :blush:


I can only confirm that BT is one of the best 4* Heroes (imho)

Especially if combined with other buffs such as Wu Kong’s or Tarlak’s.

He was essential to my team beating Season 1 and still is well used with titans and in AW.

Since you’re not guaranteed training a 5* hero in TC20 (chances are the same as in legendary summon) and even IF it doesn’t necessarily have to be a red hero, you should definitely go to leveling BT.

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May take months to get a 5*, then months to max. Reap the benefits of advanced BT now. Your rewards will grow more and you’ll advance yourself and your alliance quicker (better titan hits, better war defense and attack, higher raid chests, etc.), so that when you’re ready for your max 5* you’ll have more materials ready that you got for competing at a higher level of play.

You can later reset BT, and apply the emblems to the 5*, with some penalty, but the investment should be worth it.


Use the blades and you’ll get a red 5 soon or wait and probably never get one.
Seems like dropping rates increases if one doesn’t have the other needed things.
So I often get several backpacks when my recruits or food are low and vice versa.

Short: Ascend what you got and plan further when you’ve really got a replace.

The average wait for a red 5* from TC20 is 83 pulls (so 5.5 months). The 95% probable number of pulls is 248 (so 16.5 months).

And that coud easily be a red 5* that’s not super exciting, like Elena or Khagan. So I’d definitely vote max Boldtusk.


Boldtusk is on almost every team I field, currently I’m putting him through the talent grid to turn him into a defensive beast. He’s practically a 5* already in terms of utility so I’d say go for it :+1:


Average works very strange when it comes to this particular game… for instance, consider my case… I got TC 13 up and running in september. Before I knew it, I it got me Gormek, Colen, Kelile x 2, Sabina x 2, Cyprian, Caedmon, Melendor, Chao. That is 10 4* heroes in about one and a half month (mid september to early november). As you can imagine, I was more than happy with my new toy (TC13) which provided me with 4* heroes at an incredible rate. Than, one day it just stopped. It was early november. The last 4* to walk out the gate was a second Sabina. Since then… nothing… it’s been running 24/7 ever since, but it went completely silent… nothing but 3* heroes for the last almost three month… Every other day I get another useless 3* feeder…

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If you look at the TC20 data, you’ll see that the more draws someone has done, the closer they tend to fall to the average. But very few people are sitting right on the average.

That’s to be expected, though.

If you flip a coin 10 times, 5 heads and 5 tails is the most common outcome. But it will happen less than a quarter of the time. Most of the time, the result is going to look somewhere between a little and a lot streaky. That’s just how random systems work.

Your results are unlikely to be exactly average. But average is the right place use to make decisions. It minimizes your prediction error.


Fighter Boldtusk 4*+15

At Fighter Boldtusk 4*+15, Boldtusk has a 30% chance to revive at end of turn. Boldtusk can then use a Miracle scroll to revive the rest of the team and mana items to heal them. That would save you 75g from an unexpected team death.

How the mighty have fallen

Boldtusk is one of the most nerfed heroes in the game. For all intents Bomdtusk was a red 5* hero when game started.


Bird in the hand … work with what you’ve got!

Murphy’s Law … level your 4 star and you’re bound to quickly get a 5 star


Boldtusk is my choice to get emblems in Fighter class without question, you want him now, the 5* will wait.

I want emblems on BT but struggle on what is more usefull to up: defence or HP?

Whay wait for something that might NEVER come to you??? Especially when you have maybe the best 4* red there is.

No, my question is which line of talent grid is more effective: more Defence or more Health (on Boldtusk)

The only answer is Boldtusk. He has a longer shelf life than probably most or all four-star heroes. If this were some mid- to low-tier hero, you might wait, but still probably not since, as others have said, the wait for the right color 5-star can take a while. When the hero in question is one of the most useful classic heroes in the game, the choice is easy.

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Def then health 20 emblems

I am sorry for the misunderstanding, my question is about the talent grid of BT, what is more effective the line of Defence or the line of Health

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