Who to ascend, who to level, who to pull, gaps in my roster

Down to my last pair of gloves, and got my 4th blade from lucky titan drop so could go ahead and ascend BT, but I kinda feel like saving it for Mist since my 4* yellow game is weak. Here’s the relevant portion of my roster:

I know Farholme Pass 1 is coming in about 20 or so days, so if I do ascend BT now, it’s only going to be a relatively short wait before another pair of gloves come my way.

While we’re on this subject, here’s an inventory of the ascension mats I have:

Tome x1 (from mystic vision no less)
Rings x2
Telescope x1
Tonic x2
Darts x1

Compass x4
Gloves x1
Blade x4
Cape x2
Shield x1
Trap tools x3
Orb x8

Sorry I know my roster is a hodge-podge of confused mess and is particularly lacking in the green department, but there’s only so much you can do with 6 weeks of playtime. Given my current roster, who and what order would you recommend I ascend my heroes? I’m thinking something like BT/Mist --> Rigard --> Kiril --> Telluria to 3/70??? (even at 3/70 she appears to be an excellent green tank)

Also I’d like to at least try and fill in some of the glaring gaps in my roster. Working with what I have, I definitely need to get costumed Melendor to at least 3/60 since dispel+heal+def buff is amazing, and I seriously need another good 4* green besides my maxed Caed. I’d also like to level Sonya since she’s the only fast blue dispeller, and she’s also fairly tanky so she’ll stick around long enough to do her job.

Since I’m even more lacking in good purple heroes, should I try to level Sabina or is she redundant because of Rigard? In which case I probably need to try pull a Tibertus to make up for the lack of purple attackers.

Soooooooo given all the above, I’m thinking at some point I should try to pull the following (all 4* because 5* is a luxury not a given, and also I don’t want to go completely broke):

  • Proteus
  • Tibertus
  • Wu Kong
  • Hansel
  • Jackal
  • Buddy

Does this sound about right? I know it’s a wall of text, so TIA for reading all this!!

Ok so I’ll TRY my best to answer the various questions in there…

First I’ll preface with:

So yes, while Tulleria might LOOK like a decent “tank” even unlevelled, you get very little versatile use out of her…
By focusing on the 4* heroes you can compete in more event tiers, more tournaments as well as getting better bang-for-buck.

Ascension mats

You’re right that mats come & go. Over time as you get further they kinda just accumulate (I’m personally at 60+ gloves & compasses…)
The BEST place to get ascension materials is from Titans… The Higher Titan Loot Tier you’re in, the better odds of getting better materials… You also get more ROLLS at ascensions materials

Linky Link:

Order of Ascension

Personally I recommend working on 5 heroes at once. One of each colour. This gives the best bang-for-buck out of your feeders as you get a 20% boost in Exp by feeding “on-colour” (i.e. feed reds to reds, blues to blues etc…).

With your 1 set of gloves I would recommend a healer as they are all-round awesome. BT, Rigard or Kiril will serve you well long term.
Of these, Rigard is probably the best (especially seeing as you got his costume).

Overall I would recommend/ focus on:
Finish Bauchan. Ei-dunn is also going to be very good IMO. In terms of the 4* to max I would order them: BT > Scarlett > Sumle > Colen > Gormek

On the right track with greens. Melendor (+costume) being the highest priority. Next Gaderius then probably Skittleskull… If you get Brynhild I would do her above Gaderius.
Personally I would avoid Kashhrek as he is a Mid-Game tank and not much else… he has VERY limited long-term usefulness so i would personally avoid levelling him if I were you.

Definitly Sonya & Kiril are thee priority here. Then Boril who can become your main defensive tank (until you max out Tulleria or Richard). Second Grimm is also handy.

Mist would be my personal priority of the Yellow 4* heroes. Then after that I would do Li Xiu (and costume), then Chao then finally Hu Tao.

Rigard & costume as priority. Then Merlin (he’s your best mana controller) then Sabina & second Rigard. Ammeona is a solid purple for dealing tile damage (e.g. titans)


The only one I would really add to your summons wish list is Guardian Falcon. Dude is awesome & very potent for killing Green Titans.


you’ll probably get another pair of gloves or 3 by the time you feed your Mist up to 3/60 anyway.

I’d pick boldtusk since you have his costume. Rigard is good too, but the costume is what decided it for me.

and the 4-star wishlist really only needs to be proteus, falcon and jackal. The rest are luxury items that aren’t really necessary (except Wu, but then you might already have miki/tarlak/ranvir)

edit: nevermind, I need to sleep, you have rigard costume too. So rigard could be good. then boldie.

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Thanks for that amazing reply, I’d gift you some gems if I could. :smile:

Definitely will finish Bauchan, he will be amazing for 3* rush tournaments. Him paired with Ei-Dunn will make the attacking team very salty indeed.

You’d put Sumle and Colen before Gormek? I was actually thinking of doing Gormek once I maxed out BT and Scarlett. Reason being he has comically high HP and is a giant meatball, if used as a red center, he’s almost guaranteed to fire at least once unless the attacking team stacks 3 blues and gets a good starting board. (or maybe I’m just salty every time I face a Gormek tank, I’m guaranteed to take at least one hit despite stacking 3 blues)

Sumle is… intriguing. His special has a 20% miss chance, but he turns into a sniper (with terrible aim :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) as you gradually finish off the other team. Not sure what I make of that right now so we’ll see.

My only question is, why Gadeirus? He just doesn’t seem to particularly excel at anything aside from being tanky, and his slow speed kinda negates his actually pretty good skill. That’s why I haven’t put any resources into him. Yeah I’d prioritize Brynhild waaaaaay above him if I had one, but once I got Mist on pull 21 I just packed up shop.

Kiril is just a few feeders away from 3/60, while Sonya is still a baby, so the direction is clear. Plus Sonya is one of the few palladins I have, and I need those palladin emblems dammit!

It seems people have mixed opinions about Boril on defense here. Apparently he becomes less and less useful as you raid into high gold/low platinum. Having faced a few Boril tanks myself, I can say that as long as my dispeller fires (I usually bring Caed+Melendor, color+dispel stacking ftw), he’s nothing more than annoying meatball just waiting to be finished off. And sometimes if I’m feeling ballsy, I just tile him to death even with riposte on since tile damage is relatively minor.

That said I love using Boril on offense especially against AoE enemies. Nothing more fun than watching Colen or Elena or Azlar or even Liana suicide themselves with their special. :grin:

I know Jackal is still a good 3 months away, but after I finish Mist in say 1-2 months, would you still recommend using 4 orbs on Li Xiu? To be fair she’s carried me to where I am but even in low gold I can tell she’s losing her effectiveness as a defensive tank/flank.

If I summon Stonecleave before I max out Rigard, would you drop Ameonna? In my mind Stonecleave basically makes Ameonna redundant, since he actually does 150% attack against random enemy while invincible instead of Ameonna’s +83% atk that relies purely on tile damage. Ameonna seems to be good for titans only, and I’m actually really happy when I face Ameonna on defense since it means free ghost tiles!!! (pun intended) Sontecleave seems at least a touch more versatile.

Thankfully Falcon is also 4*, so definitely wouldn’t mind pulling him along with Jackal. Jackal+Mist+Gretel completes the 4* yellow holy trinity, and Falcon would synergize really well with other reds.

Sumle does more damage than Colen which is the main reason… Plus on 70% damage per dead enemy and hes suddenly a wrecking ball… 80% accuracy is still pretty good… On average (hitting a full enemy team) you can expect 1 hit to miss… I’d take that personally :stuck_out_tongue:

I put gormek last cause he is the worst of the “ramming pulverizers” & you already have a defence down in the form of Wilbur…

Gaderius is actually sneakily good… He’s the only green hero (4* +) who does an attack buff other than the brand new Heimdall… That coupled with the HoT makes him pretty good for Titan Hits. He’s also pretty good at tanking for 4* tournaments where there are no Reds… especially rush attack & buff booster ones.

Personally i like Ameonna more than Stonecleave… I would rather the bonus tile damage over a relatively weak attack each turn… Ammeona really shines in Purple Stacks where tile damage counts most… (I.e. titan hits). I still havent really found a use for Stonecleave… and I’ve tried lol


yes… rigard costume is top priority to ascend.

boril isn’t really good on offense, except on select hard stages where the boss is a hard sniper in season 2H. Assume the rest of you team sucks. So… I wouldn’t prioritize boril.

in terms of purple, I’d do your rigard+ costume, and a 2nd rigard + costume and your 3rd rigard + costume before ameonna or stonecleave tbh.

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