Ascension help needed!

Hi all! I am in need of some assistance with regards to ascending some heroes.

Currently my raid / titan / defense team comprises of the same five heroes as i have just recently started playing (Melendor, Kelile, Kiril, Li Xiu and Proteus). They are all at or nearly at 3.60 so they are all candidates for ascension.

For Proteus i am missing all 4 trap tools needed so i will ascend later on when i get the chance as he is a great hero.

I currently have the ascension materials to ascend all Kiril, Kelile and Li Xiu.

However i do not want to waste them on sub-par heroes. From what i have read Mist (which i also have but havent touched yet) is a great yellow hero and so is Wu Kong (who i also have) for Titans. I was also lucky enough to get Telluria so i would love to save some materials for her when she is levelled enough.

What do you think my approach should be?
I was thinking of ascending Kiril and holding on yellow ascensions until Mist or Wu Kong is levelled.

Should i level Kelile given i do not currently have any other 4* or 5* red or hold on for a better one?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Hiya @Kypros86

Thing that would definitly help me give the best advice is a full picture of your roster. That will show the maxed & available options.

Can do this either via screenshot/s of your roster or (i recommend) this tool here made by @GDIBass

Forum Thread for HeroPlan

I built a tool for tracking your profile's progress and sharing it with other people (for feedback or advice)

Preliminarily I can say that both Wu Kong & Mist are indeed amazing heroes. Wu Kong is an offence game-changer, both against titans & very handy in mid-level raids… Also very useful in finishing off the S2 Hard Mode provinces.

I’ll hold further advice until I got a full picture of what you’re working with :slight_smile:


Hi Guvnor and thank you for the reply.Since my roster is quite small at the moment here is a screenshot of it but i will definitely be using the tool at the future! Looking forward for more advice :slight_smile:

I just want to say that for titans, you want to go mono-color on the titans weak color; so red titans use blue heroes, green titans use red heroes and so on.

Even if those heroes are significantly weaker than your rainbow heroes, it’ll have a better effect.

Exception is wu kong, who you want to use for all titans except rare yellow ones.

Also, looks like you have Nordri? level him. He’s great and great for titans as well, plus 3 stars aren’t too expensive to level.

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Best advice I can give is below. It applies to a player a little more progressed than you BUT it all still applies to 3* heroes as a bridge until you are at the point where you have mats & options aplenty to focus on the 4* heroes.

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Hi bob and thanks for the reply. I actually do have 2 Nordris but i only have 2 blue 4* heroes that can utilise them should i invest in him anyway? I do have Ulmer, Karil, Valen and Gunnar as 3* blue will they survive Titans if i level them up? Thanks again

depends what level titans you are fighting of course, but either way Nordri is very very very useful. Later on, if you get gunnar’s costume, you can build a really good challenge event team for rare, which will net you a free epic hero token each month and maybe even a 4 star AM mat if you rank in top 1000.

Thanks again Guvnor so you are saying i should focus on some 3* first? I think i will put up my roster on that tool you have suggested as i was only focusing on 4* progression lately but i do have some 3* that are worth investing. Would you mind if i did that and maybe you could provide some more specific advice on my full roster as well? I would really appreciate it!

I am currently levelling up Mireweave (since Kiril was put on a pause as i was considering whether to ascend). Do you believe that i should switch to Nordri first?

it doesn’t matter too much either way at this point. Pick the one you like more. fwiw i would go

Mist / Mireweave / Caedmon / Merlin for now, unless if you have enough mats to fully ascend a 4 star hero, ascend them first. I do think having 1 maxed 4 star team first is pretty important.

I’m saying do 4* as you have the mats to do them.

A good way of fleshing out your roster is to build up some 3* too as a maxed 3* us typically BETTER than a mat-locked 4* hero.

Additionally you can use your 3* heroes in the rare event as well as epic.

Thanks a lot to both for your replies! They have been really helpful

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