Who to ascend next?

I have enough 3* materials to ascend 3 heroes, but not sure who to use them on.

I initially thought to use them to ascend my 5* heroes to 3rd tier so Margaret and Thoth-Amun, but not so sure now, mostly about Thoth-Amun.

I’m now thinking along the lines of Kiril and Proteus from my 4* heroes and Margaret too.

As things stand, I’m not sure any of these guys will oust anyone on my current defense team, so their purpose will be to beef up my overall roster for Titans and Wars.

Proteus and Kiril for sure.

I’d go Caedmon before Marg in your situation.

Edit: I’d also prioritise Sabina over Thoth to 3/70. She is essential - 4* events, debuffs & heals


Proteus and Kiril. Proteus is a game changer. You can use him to complete really tough events. That mana block is amazing.

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I’d do Proteus caedmon and Sonya…Mana controllers and dispellers are useful in war…of course you can’t go wrong with more heals too

Gonna agree with @maldos04. Proteus, Kiril, and Caedmon. You are missing a hitter in blue, and Sonya is very good, but I think Kiril is better, and ascending two blues at once wouldn’t be ideal. Also agree 100% about Sabina. She’s great. But again, if you are going to do Proteus (and you are going to do Proteus :slightly_smiling_face:), you don’t want to be leveling two purples at once.

Proteus and Kiril are two of the best 4*. I have two maxed of each for wars. My other duped 4* are Grimm, Rigard, and Merlin. These are the elite squad of 4* (also very handy against the popular yellow war tanks).


Cheers for all the advice. Sold on Proteus and Kiril now. I may manage a 4th ascension once I finish the Epic level of the current event, so can maybe keep it for Sonya if I decide to do Caedmon.

You could get another set of gloves and compass by finishing legendary. I’ve done it a few times with Onatel 3^70 and a crew of 4-stars. I roll with Sabina and Melendor, but BT and Ariel should substitute quite well (or better) as healers. Usually requires some carpet bombing, but it can be done. Then, you’d have the mats you need for Sabina, too! :smile:

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Self-correction: The compass and gloves is on epic tier. Legendary tier only gives another set of gloves. But it I’m not mistaken, the next rare quest up is Farholme with the compass, and it should launch just about as soon as Wonderland ends - Sunday, or Monday at the latest. So, still a similar net result. Sabina asked me to let you know. :slight_smile:


Melendor is green, isn’t it reflect green event?

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Oh, yeah. I made the Sabina and Melendor comment as a general rule type of statement, but you are right - I’m going to have to adjust for this event. Haven’t decided whether to rely a little more heavily on potions or to bring my nearly-maxed Rigard. Will probably just see how tough the stages feel when I get there. No particular advantage to doubling purple, but doubling red for me would be Gormek and Kelile, which isn’t exactly scaring anybody either. I’m just going for completion anyway.

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