Ascend or Save Mats?

Blades have been tough to come by for me, so I am now in a position where I have a blade and a few potential heroes to ascend, but wondering if I should ascend now? or wait until I get more materials or a potential must ascend?

I have 11 darts, 9 tabards, 9 tonics, 2 rings and 0 scopes (all 3* mats are not a concern). The main hero in question is Clarissa, should I max her now or wait?

My other potentials are:
Aeron (2-30) - would be useful in stack with Killhare
2nd Kage (1-1) - I think one is enough for now, I like variety
Justice (3-70) - I am beyond needing her for a tank, so she would be roster boost for yellow stack
Sir Roostley (3-70) - Torn on him because I am not sure where he fits with my team (need yellow help)
Atomos (3-70) - Sat on him for so long, even after boost I am not sure he helps a whole lot
Rumple (2-5) - Working on him now and would really like to max him (985 emblems waiting)
Magni (1-1) - pulled not too long ago and in line after rumple to max (need lots of mats)

Here are my other maxed 5’s and I have a good majority of all 4’s maxed or working on:

I am mainly looking for fun and to improve my attacks (titans, war, raids) I am open to a new defense, but not sure any of my current options would help.

I would do Sir. Roostley and put him along with Grazul and Killhare in my defense.

Go 4 rumple 1st. He has no comprtition for sorcerers emblems

Both of those recommendations seem to hold off on Clarissa?

@FraVit93, any reasoning for Roostley? I have not used him much, but he has seemed a bit underwhelming so far and his chain stops if it misses. That means his value in a stack with Ranvir goes down.

I would love to do Rumple first, but getting those 6 scopes will take quite some time. I will likely have more blades by then.

I value him as a very good tank and he could only bet better when paired with other Easter heroes such as Killhare. I think that by missing Telluria, the strongest green contender, he could build a very strong defense with these heroes:

Grazul should do her part as using her skill before Sir. Roostley possible second cast or Killhare first cast but I can see it works.

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I assume in that case that stripping Richard for Roostley would be a good idea then too?

Richard is my current tank, out of lack of having an elite tank. My Alliance does use blue tanks for now.

I could shift Ariel back to tank, but I like MN on the wing in wars.

If your alliance is running a blue tank then it’s in your interest to not follow the defense I posted here above :rofl:

Stick with Mother North, Zimkitha, Richard, Killhare and Leonidas.

Your weak link is Leonidas but improvements would only be a Joon or other high rarity heroes.
Improvement by class: Jabberwock, Drake Fong, Joon
Improvement by color: Drake Fong, Joon

At this point you could consider empowering your Clarissa to help you with your attacks: he pairs really well with Kageburado.

I’ve been wanting an improvement for Leo since the day I got him (2 years ago). Yellow is a weakness in the 4* and 5* range for me. Although I do now have 3 jackals…

I am leaning towards ascending Clarissa since I have 9 tabards and the likely hood that a much better purple comes anytime soon is slim. Hopefully a blade or two can find their way to me soon also. My purple stack is already pretty good with C Rigard and C Tibs. Clarissa would likely replace Tibs there. I have Proteus at +18 too for use in events, but have found putting him on the bench in my main purple stack.

I will get Aeron to 3-70 before pulling the trigger. Unless anyone can make a strong case for Clarissa now or waiting.

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Its been almost two months since I almost ascended Clarissa, and I am glad I did not pull the trigger. I managed to pull Rana from Sand event and ascended her to max. I stripped emblems from Leo (kept 1 node), so now Rana+12 is in my defense. I was also very fortunate to get Lady Loki last Valhalla, Zocc, Noor and Raffaele.

I currently have two d blades so I am again wondering who I can/should ascend now (and the near future). My primary objective is to enhance my mono attack teams in each color. The first two heroes I would like to ascend are rumple and lady loki (but I only have 3 rings and 3 scopes, so those will have to wait). For green I think Zocc will be a good enhancement in my green stack to take out Hansel or Elk. That leaves me one extra blade to ascend a purple or yellow hero.

I still have Clarissa at 3-70 and Aeron at 3-70, as well as Roostley. Do any of these heroes improve my stacks? I honestly have not played much with Clarissa because I have not needed extra purple teams.


Clarissa is a regular in my main strike mono purple team. For me, she works as an awesome support hero. She will usually fire before any defenders. Then, because boards always hate me, I’ll take a few hits but survive due to that elemental link. If I finally get some more tiles, She will fire again, this time along with my CRigs and Seshat, who start doing some damage and healing. CRigs and Clarissa will usually keep Killer Alfrike alive to create havoc, and Sesh will pick off the stragglers.

So, my takeaway from running this team many times in raids, maps, events, wars etc - Clarissa superpower actually is her elemental link. Her special is decent but it is the synergies you can exploit with that elemental link working with her own special AND keeping a lot of other purples alive, that actually gives her the edge.

One last point to keep in mind while ascending her, she’s a paladin and there are a lot of great contenders for those emblems. I use her at +1, am in low diamond, and don’t regret ascending her :slight_smile:

Just an observation but your blue team lacks speed. Rumple is fun to use but kind of random and unnecessary for your blue team. You already have Ariel for heal/cleanse and Isarnia for def down. Magni would probably help that team more. If you mostly face green tanks (telluria tanks) in war, using a blue team, which is weak color, with 2 slow and 2 average speed heroes will be tough.

Also, if your alliance runs green tanks, Atomos would probably be your best green tank option, especially if you have spare barbarian emblems to give him since Kage is already +18. Atomos might not be that high of a priority tho if you don’t run green tanks.

Thanks for the feedback Circe and B1g. I was curious to see if swapping Clarissa and costume Tibs would be a good fit. Right now, if I am able to charge c Rig, c Tibs and Killhare, the damage is massive. I wondered how effective it would be losing the def down. Tibs having no emblems, does suffer at times as being one of the first to die though. So having Clarissa as a replacement could prolong the battle long enough to flip the board.

You are spot on B1g, my blue team does lack speed, but it generally makes up for it when I can get them going. I would probably drop SW from my mono blue and replace with Rumple. The main reason I want to ascend Rumple is that I have over 1100 sorcerer emblems and NO one to use them on. I did just pull Quintus costume, so the gives me an option, but not a very good one. I will probably strip the +10 emblems I currently have on Sabina, so that is even more emblems waiting to be used. Whereas Magni will fight with Killhare, Elena and Lady Loki for emblems. Magni will be the next blue after Rumple (assuming nothing better comes).

I am in a lower middle tier alliance (lost a few key members recently that quit the game), so we do see a fair amount of Telly tanks, but it is not overwhelmingly so. I am usually able to find a decent team to attack with my mono blue each war.

We are currently using blue tanks, so that is why I did not push for Atomos after the buff. I do have 10 tonics though, so I could reasonably ascend Atomos and get the two more I need for Zocc soon. Barbarian emblems are free now that Kage is +18, so that is a viable option. I would likely need to revamp my entire Def team if I were to focus on Atomos. I could sway my alliance to switching tanks at some point also. For a while we were swapping tanks every week so we could get a little spice. We settled on blue a few months ago and havent had the discussion since.

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