Ascension Decisions. Help!

I’m finally sitting on a few fine gloves and I’m trying to determine who I should ascend now that I do. My weakest color is Holy/Yellow (I have 31 orbs) and I don’t feel that I have any great options there. My current fully amended holy heroes are:

Chao, Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Justice (3/70)

I have no other 5* Holy and my 4* are:

Hu Tao (x3), Wu Kong (x3), Chao.

Which of those do you think I should ascend next?

Next is my dark team. I have 25 sets of Trap tools. My current fully ascended roster includes:

Rigard, Tiburtus

The ones available to ascend are:

Rigard (x2), Obakan (x2, but not available for 4/80), Ameonna, Cyprian (x3), Sabina (x3), Grimble, Tiburtus.

Fully ascended Nature:

Kingston, Caedmon, Skittleskull,

Available to ascend:
Skittleskull, Melendor (x2), Gadeirus (x3), Kadieln (only to 3/70), Little John, Kashrek.

Again, I have a ton of orbs, a decent amount of trap tools, and a few shields. What characters do you think I should prioritize? I my only 4* costumes are Chef and Sonya, both of which are fully ascended on both sides.

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True - you don’t have any decent option in yellows…
Do you have darts to ascend Justice? If so, then please be aware that she fits into tank role only.

Purples: 2x Rigard, 1x Sabina - for wars purpose. Cyprian can be also great tank with emblems in Platinium league

Greenery: Melendor for sure. Gad - for titans and rush tournaments :slight_smile:
I used to use Little John on events as his mana delay can be handy but not anymore. However if you have spare emblems he might be your guy.
Kadilen is fine - at 3/70 she is great at farming in 8/7, at 4/80 she is also a decent member of def teams

In general I would keep the mats so you can invest those into worthy heroes…beyond those who I mentioned above

Fingers crossed for some good pulls from TC / gate


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