Who to ascend and give emblems? Kingston, Lianna, Magni + def team

So my situation in brief:
Magni 4/50
Lianna 3/70
Kingston 3/43 and growing
Bold Tusk +18
Khagan +7

I’ve read a lot and I am now sure that Kingston > Lianna (mainly because of his :fire: resistance) and also have seen him already in use by many good players, so I’d like to ascend him… But the emblems… Lianna is a fast Ranger, so it would be quite easy decision to take the emblems from Khagan and give to her - I also use mainly green team for attacks. With Kingston there is this problem that he’s a Fighter, as BT and Magni. Magni is good, so I’d reset BT to improve him, easy. Moreover I have just enough materials to ascend only one green hero and I know i will wait months for another opportunity. Additionaly, I feel guilty when ascending Kingston while Magni stays at lvl 50 in my defense teams, lol.

Another thing is my defense team, now I use:
Isarnia +8
Khagan +7
Mother North +9 (tank)
Joon +7

For alliance wars (blue tank required):
BT +19 (822 def, 10 lvl def troop)
Magni (tank)

Besides, I do own:
Aaron 4/80
Sonya +19 (803 def)
Skittleskull +19
Danzaburo +15
Boril 4/70
Kiril 4/70
Melendor +19
Leonidas 3/70
Vivica 3/50
Kadilen 3/70
Tiburtus 4/70
Wilbur 4/70
Wu Kong 4/70
Colen 4/70
Kelile 4/70
Hansel 4/70
Gadeirus 4/70
Little John +9
Rigard, Caedmon, Sabina, Chao, Li Xiu 4/70
I would like to have both Kingston and Magni on my defense team, but I will never have enough emblems for both of them… I’m terribly confused by all those variables, please tell me what you think would be the best, thanks in advance! (•‿•)

I think Kingston is definitely worth the emblems over Magni. I don’t think I’d immediately strip BT of his emblems though, as BT is not going to stop being a useful hero for you anytime soon.

Lianna is definitely a better hero than Khagan, but Khagan is not trash either and I think he has a place on your defense team, especially as Kingston is better on defense than Lianna is anyway.

Unsolicited advice: Mother North should be your left wing, not your tank. Her purpose is to bring people back to life, not so much keep them alive before they die. Khagan can be your tank in the meantime with his defense boost. I’d go MN, Magni, Khagan, Joon (until you get Kingston up), Isarnia (to be replaced with Joon).


Really Khagan as a tank will be good? He’s slow, so always doubted it… I had MN on the left, but I was being beaten too much so started to experiment a little and I had no good tank. What about the war team?

Slow heroes are generally very tough to use outside of the tank spot because they will typically be killed before firing. The two biggest exceptions to this are MN and Alberich, who both belong in the left wing. Khagan isn’t an ideal tank, but you have limited options. He should be able to get his special off pretty reliably, especially if you have improved his defense with emblems, and his defense buff should help your flanks stay alive to do some damage. Once you have Kingston in your line up as well you should be in a pretty good spot between the defense buffs from Magni and Khagan and the attack down from Kingston.

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Okay, I will give it a try. Honestly, I preferred to keep Khagan near slow heroes (MN and Isarnia) due to his mama generation bonus and gave him attack instead of def in one node…

@phoshop, I think I’m getting my ■■■ kicked with that setup

Maybe you are, or maybe it’s a bad run, I dunno. Neither lineup is perfect and you don’t have an ideal tank. If I was raiding you I’d rather attack with MN at tank because I could dump tiles into her without really worrying until I was ready to start taking people out, while Khagan would be hitting me back. MN also make it inviting to bring Mitsuko along in a red stack to handle your blues. Its possible working Aeron into your lineup would help you out until Kingston gets up to speed.

Two blues always invites a green stack, but I’d take 3xgreen and 2xpurple. Khagan doesn’t scare me. You’re right - there are no obvious choices for tank :cry:. I tanked BT in Platnium and he was awesome - not so effective in diamond.

Let me tag a friend who is a lot wiser than me @Scarecrow your expertise please. Who would be the best tank?


I’d make Isarnia your tank out of the ones you have. A bad starting board is trouble…if she fires you have a really good chance of winning. Tanks should punish bad boards. No tank can beat a good board.


First of all, you have Isarnia +8 and you set tank an unfinished hero? Man…

Let’s start from left to right. MN. Like Alby, she is designed ONLY for that position. Any other choice weakens one’s defense. Since your tank must be blue and we already set the left wing green, it’s obviously and mandatory, the left flank is red. And you have only an option - Khagan. You cannot set BT, because 2 healers on the same side of a defense, means a crappy defense. So no, do not strip Khagan of emblems. Lianna doesn’t need emblems naturally and she will never be in you defense line-up, because you have MN and King.

So, we have MN, Khagan, Isarnia. You need to set purple and yellow. There is nothing to think about. Aeron and Joon.

Advices: do not reset heroes without consulting the forum; you still have much to learn. Do not reset BT for Magni. Magni cannot be your tank or someone’s else. His defense stat is too low for being a tank. And anyway, Kingston should be emblemed, not Magni. The defense I set above is for wars. But is too slow for your raid defense. The defense which should defend your tower is: Sonya, Kingston, BT, Aeron and Joon.


Thanks friend :blush:.

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@Scarecrow, thanks man, I’m gonna try that team in the war upcoming today. I think it was my initial team, before I started to experiment led by the following thought - if the alliance has all blue tanks, then the enemy will lack green heroes quickly, so it’s good to bring more blues into the team, isn’t that right?

For the defense team, should Sonya have attack or def troop? I have both on 8 lvl. Kingston, as for today, is on 3/50, is he good enough to be in the team now or should I wait with him? Besides, I considered Aaron rather a weak hero, but he’s my only 5* purple. Does he do his job only in defense?

BTW is it a good idea to adjust the war team for current war bonus? E.g. there is no point to bring more than 1 healer for Field Aid and would be good to have 2 healers + Wilbur (ideally Aegir) for arrows / attack increase to make the team survive the longest it can.

In defense always mana troops. In attack always crit troops on fast heroes and mana on slow. Average by choice. And Aeron is a great hero, but yes, better in attack, when you control him, not the AI.

@Scarecrow, meh, no one has crashed on that defense, I got kicked out from Diamond

Diamond? I didn’t say anything of diamond. If I would known you want in diamond, I’ve told you not yet. The few legendaries you have finished are slow. In diamond you get overwhelmed with fast and very fast heroes. But hey, if you know a better defense to keep you in diamond, go for it :slight_smile:

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Mother North’s best position is actually left flank imo

Why is that? Common wisdom is MN/Aby live on the left wing, unless running a double resurrection comp.

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In war I think left wing can be fine. War is very different from raiding.

In raid defense I think putting them on left wing is suboptimal. They’ll go off sooner and more often on the flank vs the wing. You want them going off as many times as possible. Alberich boosts mana, he can help snowball a win. Why would you want him to go off so late in the fight? Better chance of winning the sooner he goes off.

Now of course you don’t want them at tank because then you have zero chance to Rez. But flank is a good spot for them.

I view putting them on left wing as trying to hit a home run. Sure it’s spectacular when they resurrect 3-4 heroes. But you’ll get a lot more consistency out of them at flank.

I’ve faced flank MN, flank Alberich, wing Alby and wing MN and I find them waaaaay scarier in raids on the flank.

War is a different discussion than raids though

Sometimes common wisdom is wrong imo. I think they take too long to charge up on wing in raids.

@DerricSYG agrees with me on this I think

That’s my team which finally seems to be resistant:

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I think it depends if she’s your only healer in the team, if not I guess it’s better to let her ressurect.