3rd Kigston or Lianna

Should I ascend a 3rd Kingston or Lianna. I will not be able to add emblems to both. My fighter emblems are with Kigston and ranger emblems are partly with Seshat and partly with Finley. Apart from kingston I have Alberich at +9 & Telluria at +6. My Tarlak is at 3/70. I have Miki fully ascended though. Among other greens I have Gregorian, c-Elkanen, c-Kadilen and Hatter all at 1/1.

Lianna hits harder than Kingston. Plus variety is nice :slight_smile:


Game, set and match.

Kingston is great, but when you want a juicer snipe, Lianna is your girl.


As they’ve said, variety is often better. In your case, you would benefit from adding in your roster a maxed Lianna, who hits harder than Kingston. And she’ll hit the hardest once you acquired her costume and you can improve her some more when you emblem her.


Same dilema with me, but 2nd Kingston or Lianna,… and my Lianna is almost 3.70.
Here is my polls thread.
Another ascension help, who is my next green and others

I would plan to choose Lianna 1st, although emblems are at Seshat+18 and the rest for Tiburtus+19 (plan to max emblem +20, route def/hp costumed path).
But Lianna based on her stat, I think she is sturdy without emblems by default like Marjana.
My other green: Atomos 1.1, Zocc 1.1, Margaret 1.1, 2nd Telly 3.70, 2nd Kingston 3.70.

I have 10 Tonics.
Maybe after Lianna, I’ll choose Atomos, because I have lot of barbarian emblem and family Ursena+19 (plan to max 20+) and Poseidon+3 (not sure to max his emblem).
Well, I should try to re-arrange my AW defense 1st, before deciding later.

Sorry to hijack your thread, but I think Lianna is worth based on community so far, and a bonus if we can get her costume.

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No problem. All are making me better understand the game.

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I will ascend Lianna then

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I would ascend 10 kingston before lianna. The fact that lianna hits a little harder is irrelevant cause either way you won’t one shot your opponent. On the other hand the attack debuff will make your all team survive and that’s much more valuable than a few more damages.