Who to ascend and give emblems? Kingston, Lianna, Magni + def team

I have 2 Kingston’s and I have to say that he’s my favorite of all heroes so far.

@Kimberlyd, I have fought against him few times and I was never worried about him to be honest. He usually fired on some wing hero, the attack debuff was attached to a healer etc… I’d be happy if he had defense against fire instead of Mana gen bonus. For now I’d really prefer Seshat (because I lack good purples, but she’s also awesome and multi-purpose hero), Kageburado or the one girly hero with descending defense debuff (can’t remember the name).

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I need a few good blue, preferably a 5* or 2. I dont have Seshat either.

I’ve replaced slow Isarnia with fast yet unleveled Kingston and the team seems to perform a bit better:

But I still have no idea what to do with Fighter emblems…


Please no Khagan for tank.

Slow heroes can work on defense but the synergy is more important when using them.

Isarnia - Khagan - MN - Magni - Joon

This is already quite optimal. You will find fitting Kingston in will tend to lose you more as you don’t have a true tank. MN is the closest to a true tank for you.

The only position for Kingston would be to replace Isarnia in the left wing. Aeron is obsolete in current meta (still good for offense but not defense).

Emblem wise I would still give it to Kingston as he is the better option even if Magni is on defense.

Khagan’s position in between MN and Isarnia is right as he helps to charge the them.


Good job.

BT will work once in a long while but most days it will disappoint you at tank.
Try not to use 4* in your lineup since you have sufficient good 5* for your defense.

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