Fighter - Kingston, Magni, Elena?

So I have 2 maxed 5* fighters - Kingston+2 and Magni+0. Almost all of my fighter emblems are invested into BT+19, whose gonna be reset. Today, I also got Elena, not sure should I ascend her, she’s slow, but I lack a good tank… I think about getting Magni to +2 with defense, and spend rest of emblems on Kingston. Is it a good idea?

Simple answer is the one given by you & how you use the heroes

Which do you use most? Emblems enhance a hero. They don’t make or break one… So give your emblems to who you use & who you’ll get the most value out of.

Giving emblems to Elena won’t make her a better tank… not massively so…

From what I can see you dont have very many maxed 5* heroes so I think you would benefit more from having emblemed 4* heroes. Boldtusk is one of the best 4* in the game, especially when emblemed, so I would discourage you from taking them from him. My teams are further along than yours and I still use my BT+18 in my red stack and dont plan on resetting him anytime soon.


I use Kingston and Magni a lot, I’ve both in my defense team and recently in offense (3G+2B). I would not like to split the emblems over few heroes, but I know reviving heroes are annoying for the attacker :blush: so it’s a hard decision to make…

I know BT is not bad, but I use him only with red stack on wars, where those 2 other guys are actively used in defense and offense. I can keep emblemed Sonya till I don’t have 5* Paladin, but the competition for Fighter emblems seems too big for BT to handle…

Then maybe you should try him out elsewhere. I use my BT in every war (against top 100 competitions at times), against every green titan (up to 14*), in most 4* tournaments, as part of my red raid stack, and as a part of my mono red stack in epic stages for challenege events (except when red is reflected).

Here’s my thoughts on emblem allocation. If you dont have a lot of maxed 5* then it’s better to spread your emblems out across 4* so you have a more diverse offense. It takes a lot less to fully max a 4* so you can have a lot of 4* that are borderline 5*. It only really makes sense to start giving your 5* emblems once you have a decent amount of them maxed.

But from the looks of it your priorities are very different then mine so I’d probably choose whoever was on my defense. At the moment it looks like you’re trying to field two greens and two blues which makes your defense very vulnerable.