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So I finally got my first 5* Lianna fully ascended and leveled up. I also have 123 emblems I could use to improve her a bit more. I’ve done some reading and it seems like there is a lot of discussion on using emblems for 5* heroes. So I guess I’m wondering if it’s worth pouring emblems into her? Currently I have Chao and Tiburtus both fully leveled and have put emblems into them to get their first level of Ranger for the Pierce ability. My only other Ranger character is Buddy who is at 3/42.

So I guess what I’m asking is… any thoughts on where to put the emblems and why?
Lianna is one of my main heroes in most things so I use her quite a bit. Though Chao and Tiburtus get used often as well when I’m in need of them for raids and color stacking. (Proteus and Wu Kong are currently my main Holy and Dark heroes.)

Thanks for the input!

5* need ~3x more emblems than 4*, IMO best way is take your 5* to +4 and start with maxing your 4*(Tiburtus here), 4 of my 5* will at only +3 for a long time beacuse I start giving my emblems for 4*.

I can kill maxed 5* team with only 4* heroes so I will can kill maxed 5* +20 team with maxed 4* +20 team.


I think Lianna is a good option to put emblems towards, although she takes a far larger investment than the 4 stars. I’d say at least do her first node so she can hit as hard as possible with her skill; a chance to bypass things like Aegir’s spirit link or Kadilen’s special skill defense buff is great for Lianna who has a damage-only based special attack.


Yeah the 3x cost of emblems is what is putting me off. I hate to lose that many if they can be used better on a 4*. But I like the idea from you and @DaveCozy about starting her off to give her that little extra punch.


Based on available classes, go for Lianna.

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nice chart for reference! I wonder where Ariel fits in there. I got her as well and have begun leveling her too. My guess would be a high priority under Cleric.

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