Who’s worth maxing - please help!

Here’s a picture of all my red options- I have 10 rings and 5 hidden blades. I can either max a 4 star or level 1 5 star hero, please help me decide🤗

Here are some of my other heros for reference. I want to do a hero that I can get a lot of use from so please help me decide…also if you see any other hero that you think would benefit my roster to be maxed, please let me know also (as I have matts for every color except I’m very low on scopes -M. Lepus is crying about it)! Thanks for any advice you can give!:blush:

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I’d most want Grazul for very fast heal and ailment blocking.


Gormek + costume would be the choice for me. Anti-minion ability is great, and option of using his def down. Although Grazul is a good choice also.


Khagan and Colen for events
Grazul for raids

Grazul 20 characters

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Hi Moka… :hugs: Grazul get´s my vote too - strongly followed by Gormek and his costume. Great heroes you got :fire:

(Not a fan of Wu Kong?)


Another vote for Grazul!

Agree with @Gwniver
Grazul strongly followed by Gormek (c) for minion control

Grazul, CGormek or CColen would be my favorites :slight_smile:


Hey Gwn! I don’t like Wu’s misses and I have been using Burtulf instead and he has been doing great a little less buff than Wu but 100% no misses :rofl::rofl::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Thanks for all your answers so far you guys. Sounds like Grazul is pulling ahead of the pack, followed by Gormek & his costume.

Don’t max anyone of the hero’s just wait till you get a real good hero

I think I´ll bench Wu Kong now too, those tough Titans needs to be stunned :sweat_smile:

I would go with Grazul or wait for one you really like.

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Hey everybody im new to all this. I would like someone to look at my main heroes and give any advice to who i should be working on or any other opinions. How can i post a pic or show you guys. Please and thank you

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It’s great to take a few screenshots of your collection in game and then share the images here by simply dragging them into your own individual thread :slightly_smiling_face:

Does that make sense? Otherwise ask again :hugs:

And it helps if the heroes are sorted by element in the screenshot, then it’s easy to see and filter through for those advicing :blush:

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I think you have to post a few things on other threads to improve your membership standing before they let you start your own thread. Stops spammers etc, in theory.

I’d hold on to those mats for a while, at least after the upcoming costume chamber. If Marjana gets lucky there, she’d be my top priority. If not, Grazul will do in the absence of other ailment blockers. Good luck.

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I would pause on those 5* and work on some 3* first, then 4*. why? the 5* are expensive i terms of feeders and food, and you won’t have the materials to ascend them yet anyway (judging by your Boldtusk stuck at 3/60)

not sure about the other half of your roster…

Bane, Pixie and Squire Wabbit are all worth finishing. Belith too so you have a heal-all. Berden, Balthazar are worth. Kailani… maybe not.

Colen and Jack O’Hare will be useful. Kashhrek… could help you survive some tough batttles, but does not have the staying power that Melendor has, for example.