Grazul maximum?

The hero Grazul deserves to be raised 80(maximum) ?

I recently posted a thread, asking which 5* I should max: Time to max a red 5* help?

The consensus was Grazul. Is she one of the best heroes in the game? No. Is she amazing on defense? No. She is a solid attacking hero though, and it seems that most of the people who have maxed her had good things to say overall. I’m currently bringing her to max. She is at 3/55 so hasn’t gotten the rings yet, but will soon.

-She is very fast.
-She heals.
-She protects against status ailments

All good things. I don’t care for her tanky stats, personally… but overall, I think she is a good hero.

For you? It depends on your specific situation. What other options do you have? What other heroes do you already have maxed? How many rings do you have? How much do you spend on summoning(In other words, what are the odds that you’ll pull another 5* red in the near future that you would want more?)

Answering those questions will help you get a better answer for if Grazul is worth maxing for you personally.

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Thank you very much for your help :blush: I appreciate very much

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