Grazul, Guardian Kong or Azlar

I have 6 rings and dont know what to do! I already got maxed Zimkitha, Marjana and Elena. Which one ascend now? Grazul, Guardian Kong or Azlar? Thanks for replaing!

Marjana and Elena are enough as damaging red heroes, I would go with Grazul and run a Zimkitha + Grazul attacking team to prevent & cleanse everything!


I’m in a similar boat…

Maxed Black knight already, got the mats for a second red.

Options: Grazul, G.Kong, Elena, Khagan, Santa.

Santa seems pointless when I have a great red tank already.
Khagan seems underwhelming to me?
Elena… Glass cannon, but slow special - not an appealing combo to me.

I’m short on AOE in any colour and Kong would seem to fit, plus would stack well with BK and Wilber…
Grazul looks great, but is she gamechanging?

I have some of the red 4* maxed, but not the hard hitting ones (Wilber, Falcon, Gormek, Sumi)

When I’m short of red damage, am I in a rare situation where I should think about going with an underwhelming eventer over a better hero just because it fits my deck better?


Hi, me as well, but I only have enough for 1 red, trying to decide Grazul, or BK , any advice is welcome, that also goes for Kingston or Evelyn, suggestions please and thanks in advance

What do you have otherwise?

BK as my defence tank has been awesome.

BK + Wilbur in a 3-2 on attacking raids has also been awesome…

Grazul doesn’t get my juices going - she’s good but I haven’t been able to bring myself to spend rings on her… Hence my thinking about going with Kong to compliment the BK+Wilbur attack (I’m not sure yet, but it works even as 3.70 with Kong, so it’s looking likely).

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I really can only speak to the heroes I own.

Guardian Kong has always always been one of my lesser favored 5*s, in that he has a very limited special. Don’t get me wrong, his AOE can be particularly nasty if juiced by a def down, say Isarnia or someone. His ice defence I have found to be subpar as you would never tank with him on def and is usually unnecessary on off. Stats wise, he a high-ish attack and low defense.

Azlar, as anyone knows who has been hit by his special, can be a game-changer albeit at a slow mana speed. His DOT (damage-over-time) lasting 6 turns, if I remember correctly, simply adds to his lethality. His main weaknesses are, as previously mentioned, his slow special and his def, one of the lowest of all 5*s.

I would probably go with Grazul, simply by virtue of his heritage. HOTMs are generally a cut above the rest. Hope this has been helpful. :slight_smile:


Grazul is awesome. You’ll love her.


I would definitely go with BK, as he is viewed by many as one of the best overall heroes.

Regarding Kingston and Evelyn, I have experience with both. I just brought my Kingston to final ascension with the recent tonic, and I’m the happy owner of Evelyn on 2 of my accts.

Evelyn is fantastic when grouped around other strong greens as part of a stack. She is one of the coveted color-defdowns (green) and this makes her very valuable against blue titans and tanks. She also throws in a 3-man enemy debuff as well. AND she has an elemental link that grants a heal-over-time to all green allies. Very valuable hero.

Kingston is a top-shelf hero in his own right. He is often simply referred to as a sniper, but his skill set goes considerably beyond that. I think his most valuable effect is his attack-down that is inflicted on 3 enemies. Each time the enemy is hit over 4? turns, the opponents attack is further reduced. Oh, and he IS a lethal sniper as well.

I really don’t think you can go wrong with either hero. It boils down to the strength, weaknesses, and nuances of your team. Hope this helps.

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i just completed a raid where my Azlar+4, using level 18 4* troops, had an attack stat of 927. I didn’t see the initial hit, but at 205% it could be calculated, but his DOT was 70 and lasted 6 turns. That is pretty powerful when added to the initial hit. If only his sucky def would allow more than 1 hit, lol. I guess I should be grateful I got that :wink:

In my honest opinion I would max out Grazul. Good luck


In my honest opinion. I would max out Black Knight. Good luck

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Aye, Azlar hits hard for sure… I’m just not seeing enough to push me to wait for him over Kong.

Notleast because I wouldn’t be running it in isolation - if it was my only red 5 and I had only S1 reds then I see the sense of it, ditto for defence, but not with my other options.

The reds I’d want to run alongside a 5* smasher would be average mana (BK, Wilbur, Falcon).
Okay the tactic with either hitter would be to fire BK and Wilbur, wait two turns to charge Beserk up and then launch a hugely boosted attack…
So if the tiles are there to charge Azlar in those two turns then it doesn’t make much difference, but Kong hitting higher % is going to get inflated more anyway, so why risk it?


@badassninjadad, thank you so much for your advice, I’ll do just that, … BK then Evelyn, thank you again !!

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Thank you all for your advice! I decided to go with Grazul.

Best regard to all of you :slight_smile:

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I like my grazul, she is a great attack hero also as her heal isn’t that high.
During war, I run her in a team, together with tarlak, so that I get some heal from him and some from grazul.
They work pretty well together.


I run mine with viv. So between grazul’s heal and resist, viv can usually get charged.

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