Who’s worth maxing - please help!

Im about to ascend my boldtusk to the final tier just gathering the food. Killhare is stuck until i get trap tools.

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I would pause using emblems and limit break materials for now. Save them for much later.

Ideally it would be great to have six teams on average strength in the future, also to prevent matchmaking in tournament running you over (since we get matched based on our strongest heroes).

Focus on your 3 stars first indeed, like Sleepyhead said. :blush:

Build a rainbow team first. Max out Bane, Valen, Belith, Nashgar and Berden. It´s a great starting team :slight_smile:

Then Pixie, Tyrum, Squire Wabbit, Balthazar and Kailana. And if no other heroes have shown up by then, proceed with Chao if you can, and Kashhrek and Colen. Is what I would do at least :slight_smile:

So should i save all of my 3*s or use some of them to level up others? Sorry if thats a dumb question i just have alot of them

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Is there a serious reason to hashtag the “raid tournaments” in a balance/maxing question?

There are no dumb questions :slight_smile: Which 3*s do you have - more than in the picture, or?

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If there worth maxing then they’ll get nerfed I’m sorry but its just how it works

Needing some advice. Lvl 23 and getting stuck on season 1 21/10 and season 2 province 11. Trying to lvl up the heroes i got but need stronger heroes. Getting nothing but crap in summons. Even 10 pulls… any suggestions?

@Condemnedsaiyan31 ….
Save your 3* heroes don’t feed them away.
Build up 3 x 3* rainbow teams then 4 x 4* rainbow teams they will win you the mats to progress your 5* heroes.
From what I can see, I would level Bane, Wabbit, Balthazar, Berden, Pixie and Belith.
Then come back to the forum to ask more
Whichever heroes you choose good luck

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Ya my berden and bane are maxed. Balthazar and belith almost maxed. My boldtusk is almost maxed then ill work on wabbit

From what I can see, and not sure who you have on max in your roster, I would progress:
Wilbur and costume, Boldtusk, Sabina, Kiril, Melendor, Rigard…
You will need healers, sometimes two in your offence team.
Also my advice, don’t level 1* and 2* heroes or put emblems on them. Just use them for food
Good luck

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I often rely on counter attack heroes (like Boril) when going in underpowered. That can really help especially vs. the boss, as they shoot themselves in the face for a very high amount of damage that way, in particular if they deal damage to more than one hero at the time.

I recall struggling for a long time too - I kind of paused all map progress for a while, until my heroes were all grown up.

@JGE gave great advice, I second that :slight_smile: :100:

I do not understand what you are doing, so what I say me completely off, but here it goes:

You have great heroes, that is not the problem, but none of them are maxed! So get on upgrading them and you´ll be fine!

1 and 2 star heroes are food for the others, so don´t waste resources on them. 3 star heroes is what you need first, max out 15-20 of them before you do anything else. Then max out as many (or better more) 4 star heroes. After that you can start thinking about 5 star heroes (although they are not really necessary to play the game). There is absolutely no need for 5 star heroes in your first year or so of playing the game, but of course one can get there faster if one really wants to.

I have personally not been playing for super long myself, I think I started last July or so? I have maxed out three 5* heroes, so I am able to put up a stronger war defense for my alliance, but now I have gone back to upgrading more 4* heroes. I just placed top 1% in last weeks 5* tournament (and I only use 1 of the three 5* I have on offense lol). So other than for my ally I would have no 5ers at all. Long story short: Don´t look at the stars of your heroes, but instead look at what the hero does and how to best use them in a team to achieve the goals you have.

as to maps: if you are stuck just take a break for a few weeks, when you upgrade a few more heroes and get back to it with a better team it´ll be easy. Season 1 is rather quick and easy to finish with a few iterations of this, all the other seasons are long term projects, no need to hurry. Again, I have only finished S2 normal, am still playing all other seasons on both normal and hard :smiley: I only play season when their event is up though, so I guess it will be a few more years before I finish them…


thats the rest of my 3*s

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Those are great! Absolutely all worth it - Helo and Phoenicus in particular - but all of them at this point will help you out. I might not give Graymane a lot of attention though, as he is sadly a bit underwhelming.(I ascended mine, because, werewolf, and I got his costume! But, he hasn´t seen much action, unfortunately) Good luck :slight_smile:

I also just got skittleskull and sabina earlier today from the summon event. Sabina will definitely come in handy for sure. Im trying to have a healer in every color. And since im stuck on my 2 darks until i get trap tools for ascension ibwas gonna work on her for now

Sabina is great! Well, her stats are wrong for a healer, but otherwise she´s great. And if you get lucky and pick her costume up in the future, she´ll get even better :slight_smile:

Balthazar is also a good one early on, but get´s kicked off the teams later on when you get stronger 3 star heroes from events. And since you already have him halfway done, you might finish him up first before moving on to Sabina.

With the kind of roster you have, blocking ailments won’t help much. You’ll die to brute force. Unless you’re fighting in low tier raid/war, waiting is best at least until you get another set of rings.

Grazul and C_Gormek

IMO you should use the mats on the heroes you’ve already got
and don’t wait for heroes you might never get…
You’ll miss the fun of the game!

I recently decided to level Grazul and Lepiota (I had them waiting at 3/70 for 2 years)
cause both are very valuable against the new OP heroes!
Also C_Gormek proved very useful against minion generating heroes!