Who to ascend?!?

Just trying to find some good advice here as I have the mats to ascend a fire and soon will have a 4th warm cape been waiting for a while now…so here’s my choices King Arthur to tier 3 Sonya 4 Boldtusk 4 gormek 4 or Scarlett 4 that and well could get Isarnia to 3 with costume…not enough mats to do all waiting for another compass but in meantime it’d add to Cyprian at 4 Chao at 4 Wu Kong at 4 as well…I could then either have a full set if I do a fire hero or 2 holys :crazy_face: to many decisions! Any thoughts or opinions would be welcomed as I’m still relatively new to this game considering thx

Going off this premise I am going to presume that you are still fleshing out your primary roster, so my immediate suggestion is to sit on your 5* projects and recommend you build 4* depth.

Max Boldtusk first. He’s a staple in every level of player, solid healer with Attack boost that stacks with your Wu Kong.

If dealing damage to titans is important to you, Wu Kong should be maxed too (I’m not sure if he is or not based on your statement)

I would then complete Sonya. She’s a very useful hero and solid for continuing depth.


Yes Wu Kong is tier 4 not maxed out yet though trying to LVL up my hero’s evenly for main team and backup teams for war’s…so you think I should do Boldtusk over gormek? As I have Melendor as well, so with a team of Sonya tusk Melendor Cyprian and Kong then I’d have really one attacking hero (I know Kong adds attack % but it’s not an offensive attack per say although I do use him in raids well) so I have a solid healer in Melendor and a good counter attack in Cyprian …this is where I was wondering if I should go gormek over Boldtusk…as the ramming pulveriser is a nasty hit… but could again also do Scarlett as well…lol so can you see the dilemma

I forgot to mention I also have 236 barbarian emblems … I could get gormek pretty up there in talent grid

To get the best advice from people smarter than me, it’d be easier to advise if we just saw what your entire current roster looks like

Hope that help :smile: oh and just got kashhrek in nature summon…

Looking on the roster I would focus on Wu for first then (Li Xiu) Proteus, Boldtusk, Melendor, Sonya.

If you ask me you need to level more 4* rather then go on 5*. This will give you flexibility to participate in much more events and higher raid ranks that lead to more ascension items.

Hope this helps, keep on doing good job.


My defense team and primary raid team is sonya mel bt proteus wu and it’s worked well to get me to low diamond. Got lucky recently and pulled costumes for sonya mel and bt which has only made it easier to stay up there.

I agree with the general consensus wu>bt~proteus>sonya>>>mel

But it depends a bit on your goals

Power defense? Bt
Events/challenges? Proteus
Titans? Wu
Hate riposte on raids? Sonya then mel


Yeah lol rep is a Nasty tank to come against in raids which is why I got Cyprian to 4 but didn’t have Proteus at the time…and now don’t have 4 trap tool’s needed to get another dark to 4 …I’ve made it up to 1661 cups with my team if tusk Melendor Cyprian Kong and Sonya…the only thing I see lacking is another hitting hero other then just Sonya on my team for defense… why I was considering gormek over tusk but seems like ppl thinking tusk would be better?

Red: Original BT max ASAP, Gormek to 3.60, Hawkmoon original to max, Hawkmoon Costume to max, Scarlett to max (fast mana att debuff is great).
Blue: Valen, Sonya
Green: Belith to max, Melendor, Berden.
Yellow: Bane to max, Finish Chao and Wu to max
Purple: Proteus max ASAP, finish Cyprian, Sabina.


Ok guessing I’m doing Boldtusk then I appreciate the input guys really do…why I love this game and the forum’s…lots of ppl willing to help :heart_decoration:

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I would make sure you focus on a nice set of 3*'s first. Ideally you’d level at least 3 to 4 of each color before moving on to your 4*. As most have mentioned, do not even touch your 5*. Why focus on 3*?.. They will give you more bang for the buck for your limited resources being a newer player. Additional resources will come in time. A solid bench of 3* will allow you to compete in wars, events, etc… which will ultimately increase your resources. Think of this as an engine building game.

Assuming no additional heroes, I’d max heroes in the following order;

  • Red - Hawkmoon, BT, Scarlett
  • Blue - Gunnar, Valen, Sonya
  • Green - Belith, Berden, Mnsesseus, Mel
  • Purple - Balthazar, Cyprian, Proteus
  • Yellow - Bane, Wu, Chao

If you get additional 3*'s, I’d consider leveling them before moving on to your 4*'s. I also left Proteus last on the purples, not because I don’t think he is important but because you have already ascended Cyprian to last stage. If you have the mats to ascend Proteus before finishing Cyprian then go for it.


Yeah something I’ve kinda lacked on since getting 4s is focusing on my 3s but I have all TCs at at least 11 so I’m getting my 36 hero’s a day (before summons and stage’s) until sh 20…and yeah I pulled kashhrek from element summon today as I was waiting for another decent green

I agree with the general thoughts expressed here, with one exception.

Proteus - this hero changes the game. With him, you can complete Epic and Legendary tiers of events easily (with some mana pots). The rare Ascension Material quests, Costume Key quests, and Hard Mode Atlantis fights all become very simple. I rec that he be maxed ASAP, and then follow up with building 3 and 4* depth.

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Well did tusk to 4 now just need that warm cape from Valor and can do Sonya to 4 as well but in meantime gonna get Proteus and my 3s up…thx again all who helped much appreciated!

Although I have one more question kinda off topic…but still curious…is the " conspiracy " that the higher the SH the better odds of getting 4s and 5s from pulls or just totally RNG? I know I saw ppl who started playing after me get 5s before me but a member got 2 Jean Francois this month lol just luck or is there any actual fact to this “myth”

SH level has no impact on summoning odds. It’s truly random.

There was a huge disparity in my house, where 3 people play this game - Me, my wife, and my son. We’ve played a year.

My wife - pulled 3 HOTM and Atlantis 5* in the first 3 months, and NONE since.

Me - Didn’t find ANY 5’s until 9 months in. Now I have 10. I should point out I spend $10 monthly or so, and neither wife or son does.

Son - 1 Year in, 25 leveled 4’s 32 leveled 3’s, never found a 5.


I’m now almost 5 months in if I remember correctly…I got alot of isshtaks and banes…but then I seemed to get lucky and pulled now 17 4s then at Avalon with gifted gems got Arthur and then at costume got Isarnia…
And today with saved gems (I did do a 30 day VIP) got kashhrek…so I’d say my luck seems good… definitely not complaining…I have more 4s then I can feed lol… pushing to sh20 but yeah in meantime using the 3x tc11 for the 36 hero’s a day with extra low cost

Ok lol guess I have one more question…now that I have tusk up to tier 4 how should I place my hero’s here’s how I’ve been doing it… should I change thier placing?

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