Which red 5* to work on next

Hey folks,

I‘ve got plenty of red 5* lately and can‘t decide which one to work on next. Zagrog? QoH? Baldur? Any advice? :slight_smile:

Here is my red 5* roster:

Thanks! :+1:

how many rings do you have?

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My 2¢: it’s between Queen of Hearts and Zimkitha

QoH if you have no other taunters, have Gazelle or maybe some minion/dodge/blind heroes to pair with her

Zimkitha if ya lack cleanse. She’s great defensively, so maybe some tournies she’ll see use with your Octros.


Curently I have 7 rings.

In my opinion, it’s better to wait for another red hero that you will get.

but again what is your current status, whether PTP CTP or FTP. This condition can also affect the decision to level up an existing hero. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You have good hitters with zenobia and Cpt.Nemo, Zahrog eould not add anything new to your roster.

My favorites are :

QoH : Taunt
Zimkitty : Cleanse
Russel : Kill dodgers and rogues

I do not know your play style, do xoj need cleanse in red or add an Rigsrd to a red stack, same with taunt. For me Russel is unique to get rid of cKad, Inari, Hanitra and some annoying rogues ( I mean you Frigg evading far to often).

Happy gaming

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Good point with Russel. How about Zagrog’s “bypasses defensive buffs” - doesn’t it include cKad’s dodge? Isn’t dodge a defensive buff?

@RandaPanduh I’ve got Ludwig as a taunter and I’m looking forward to the next HotM ;-). I would love to play with the Queen, but I think to really shine, she needs the Puss in Boots and unfortunately I don’t have her.

For me you have three great choices, so a lot depends on your roster, play style, focus. But you won’t go wrong with Queen of Heart, Zimkitha and now Zagrog
Whichever hero you choose good luck


I love that Zim Kitty’s cleanse. QOH isn’t a bad choice either. Those are the 2 I have most interest in


I used to love Zimkitha. Fast cleanse…hell yeah! She was on my raid defense team at +20 for well over a year. But then my red roster really blew up. Replaced her on defense, began using her on offense less and less. Finally reset her to use those emblems elsewhere. Been probably 6 months since I have used her…she’s that far down on my red bench. Shame, because I think she is still a great hero.

To the OP…I might wait for a better option. QoH is intriguing for me with Krampus as my only taunter.


Makes sense…I have heroes that I loved and as our roster grows they get pushed aside. I agree she’s not difficult on defense, but that Red cleanser is rare. Great points Earl Green!


Or Puss, though he’s not shown this time.

Queenie alone is okay, Puss makes her into something much greater IMHO.

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Indeed! Guardian Kong +20 on the bench already means it’s not completely missing (albeit Zim is faster and more supportive).

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Wow, what great heroes - congratulations :tada: I would level Zimkitha right away. :heart_eyes:

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I can see a use for Russell with all the dodge going around, and how annoying it is… Which is where I’d probably go.

Zim’s great, but when you’ve already got Kong, does she do enough beyond the cleanse??

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I think I‘m going to bring Russel to 3-70 and after that I will decide if he‘s worth my rings. :wink: It was a really great hint @Gimliv! I didn‘t realize that Russel is the only hero in the game (I guess?) with the ability to 100% hit dodgers and rogue class.

Thank you all! :+1:

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Thank you. :slight_smile: