Red Hood vs Zimkitha

As of right now my 5* hero is Kaghan and I’m not too thrilled but I recently pulled a Red Hood. I am two mystic rings away from being able to ascend another 5* and that hero was going to be Red, that was until I heard about the November HotM, Zimkitha. My dilemma is this, if I were to pull Zimkitha who would be more beneficial to max out for a generic/general rainbow team?

Its to early to speak about zimkitha, but i heard, she will be fast, hits all enemies and clean your heroes.

Cleaning the heroes is a Good ability These Days. So many Players have GM.

What are your other 4 heroes. Is there a healer?

Delilah is my main healer, but I also have Alberich , Boldtusk and Tarlak (Tarlak isn’t fully leveled).

And your lineup? How does it Looks like?

That’s my defense team right now. Either Red Hood or Zimkitha will replace Kaghan.

There are many players which love red hood because she hits the enemies. My red hood is 3/70, because my reds are 2 gravemakers which got my rings.

I didnt like her foxes they are so squishy.
But the ability from zimkitha, Cleaning the heroes is much better than the foxes.
But even if i would get zimkitha i dont know if i would fully ascend her.
Let red hood at 3/70 and wait for other red heroes to come.
Maybe season 2 or zimkitha, we will See how Good or Bad she is.:wink:

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Oh with this lineup i would ascend red hood and take khagan out.

Alberich, isarnia, delilah, red hood, toth

Take Care about gobbleri:-) i am kidding

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Anyone have a pic of new HOTM?

please remove the pictures - as you already know, it is not allowed to share beta content on the forum


The picture I put up isn’t beta, it’s a picture of my current team.

@Witch was replying to @Bootz, not you @King_Kyree77. Bootz did include beta content.

My answer to your question is that you should hold off on Khagan and see if you get Zimkitha. Zimkitha isn’t as powerful as Zeline, despite the strong similarities, but she’s far better than Khagan.

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I know Zimkitha isn’t as powerful, per say, but she is more of a “cure” for Zeline than anything else (that’s what I’m understanding anyway). Do you think I should use my resources on Red Hood or wait for Zimkitha instead (original argument/question)?

Making any decisions about beta heroes is tricky since they can be (and mostly are) nerfed before they’re released to the normal game.

That is true, but most believe that Zimkitha isn’t too imposing to touch, so I’m holding out hope that she will remain the same or get a boost if anything.

How are you set for 5* healers? Personally my Red Hood doesn’t see a lot of action because I’ll generally choose Delilah or Vivica, so I’ve got rings all ready for Zim. But if you don’t have 5* healers covered, I’d lean towards Red Hood. Nice Guinevere protection with her

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I only have delilah and Boldtusk leveled out, I have 2 vivica I haven’t gotten very far on, a Kiril, melendor and two sabina.

Close call, more a style choice.

Google image search “zimkitha empires and puzzles”

She’ll pop up in the first couple results. She’s the one that looks like a very well colored looney tune wearing a big 80s wig. Evelyn should also pop up

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I have seen them both, but the beta testers say she could be modified, so I don’t know what to think. I’ll try and get her and determine who is the better hero between her and red. I just got the mystic rings event and only need one more to fully ascend a red hero, so maybe it was fated.


There aren’t a lot Fast cleanser right? That makes her very valuable. Especially with so many gm around.

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