Which red 5* next? Poll

Just got a 6th ring from Mount Umber…so who to use it on? R&N, Zagrog and Mitsuko are at 3-70 but I’ve also had C-Guardian Kong waiting to be leveled for a long time (and another Khufu and another Chompers). Leaning to finishing R&N and then starting of C-Kong…what day you? My full red roster below the poll…and really appreciate any comments on strategy or selection too!

  • Roughian & Nurgib (3-70 now)
  • Zagrog (3-70 now)
  • Mitsuko (3-70 now)
  • C-Guardian Kong (not started)
  • Another choice, comment below :slight_smile:

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Neat that you have Kong and his costume, but i would recommend Khufu. He is great in rush and on titans

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - C Kong has been a godsend for my roster and was actually the first 5* red hero that I maxed.

300% AoE and blue reflect is no joke. It is unfortunate that he can kill himself on counterattacks though, but at least he dispels for the future? It is particularly satisfying to see people like Adalinda, Skadi, Celimene, Cao Cao and more injuring/debuffing themselves! :smiley: Then take the regualr side (which, albeit is rarely used) of an offensive cleanse, and a red cleanser at that which is a rarity tbh.

R&N I’ve raided against a lot, and usually they’ll at least get off one significant hit, but, it’s not usually life threatening i’ve found. I don’t have them levelled though, so can’t speak for experience in attack.


Agree with @Orion_Fervor on all points

C. GK is my top choice for ya, but solely as I have not given R&N the proper time of day to play with to fairly compare her to C. GK. I’ll admit my own bias when it comes to recently released HOTM, as despite knowing she’s the best to be released in years, I still feel hesitancy around maxing for some reason :sweat_smile: I can’t explain it. I’m sure my anxiety is misplaced, as those who’ve played with her seem to really enjoy her.

So even though it’d be quicker to do her first, my gut tells me C. GK is safer. Dispel + ice reflect + insane AoE damage and costume bonus is just so hard to beat. But if your gut is leaning the other way, especially if you’ve already tested R&N out at 3/70 and find she works for you, then C. GK will still be there when she’s done :upside_down_face:

& If you’re still unsure, hopefully someone with extensive R&N experience will chime in soon (preferably with C. GK also in their roster to then compare to :sweat_smile:)


20 characters of Khufu.

Have you leveled the good chef?

Good chef? Do you mean Boldtusk costume? If so, definitely, he’s a go-to 4* in my roster

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I leveled the joyous goblin with his fluffy comapnion, since I heard some good stuff about him, he can be even annoying on defs and had 30 rings.

I am truly surprised at how handy he is. He hits hard, he can really delay the pesky Aramis or Hathor from firing a turn or two and even give some mana to your fellows. Combined with Hathor it can be even 20% of mana, which can charge the rest of my average or slow team.

Yes he is pretty handy.