Vanda or PiB/QoH

19 rings, was saving for gefjon and failed miserably. Now waiting for c Marj (x fingers)

With green tanks, was leaning towards either dupe Zim or Grazul but I was able to get Vanda.

So here’s my question, I’ve held off on PiB and QoH as I am not fond of minions heroes and consensus is they have great synergy. If I had either of them maxed, then I would have maxed the other but I hesitate to give up 12 rings.

Red teams
Mits GM Grazul +2
Zim JF Tyr +2

Maybe do BK Vanda +3

PiB QoH Freya Seshat +1 could be a potential team.

I have LL but can’t find any reds to team her with.
Anyways, feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Moved this to game play as prob get more of a response.(that cool)
I’d maybe give the edge to pib or grazual as a red healer always handy. You have Bk for taunt.

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Thanks, someone suggested maybe doing PiB only instead of together with QoH.

So maybe rings for Vanda and PiB.

Besides Freya, who else would be good with PiB? Excluding QoH.

LOTL, Seshat, Bera, etc. The list is long these days. If you have Grimble, I would add him to the list as a minion-counter. He will come in handy. :wink:


You have a bunch of good to great reds just sitting at 70. I don’t understand

Zimkitha is very good. I think Vanda will be good too. Guardian Kong is now very dangerous after his buff. Mitsuko is awesome.

At the least, I would put up both Zim and Mits. They are both great but not even part of your question… that way, you can still save six rings on the chance of getting Marjana


Mitsuko is one fine fire legendary useful against green tanks for stacking as well as reflecting the skills of most ice heroes. She gets my vote even if she is not one of those on the thread title unless you already have at least one maxed (I think you do and that 3/70 Mitsuko is just a dupe). I also see Guardian Kong and he has great synergy with other average heroes like Wilbur, Boldtusk, and Falcon.

On the thread topic, if it were me, I would max Puss and Queen of Hearts because of the good synergy between them. Of course, the current meta favors heroes that can fill their mana quick that you also need to consider and factor that aspect of the game, especially Vanda working well with other VF fire heroes in GM and Grazul. If I have them, I’ll max them without blinking. I too have enough rings to max 3 fire legendaries as I am stuck with dupe reds (2nd and 3rd Mitsukos, 2nd and 3rd Azlars, 3rd Gravemaker, a thousand Khagans) that I am contemplating feeding them and check the theory whether the game will give me new legendaries if you feed several useless or dupe 5* heroes.


Thanks for the suggestions, yes Zim Mits and Grazul would dupes so the reason I didn’t include in choices.

@Infinite have a deep enough roster so I’m being more selective on which heroes to max.

@Ultra envy your GMs, I’d have maxed them all already if I had more than one. As for 4*, I don’t use in wars other than my 3 Rigards, too easy to die vs fully emblemed defenses even on an average board. It’s why cleansers and fast healers are the most important for my teams.

@JAWS1 considering PiB next as a healer. I do have Freya and Seshat I can pair, maybe this can be team with LL and Clarissa. LotL being a slow green and not either dark or red, I’d probably not use.

Hope I can pull Bera, would be a nice addition to this team.

I may have taken the safest option, gave rings to Vanda.


off topic sort of but bro 312 hero capacity??? how many heroes are you hoarding there??

as for your reds, you pretty much only have good choices

Not with these defensive stats:

Yeah. I spent less than 450 emblems on each of them since I have all the emblems needed on my primary legendary heroes sharing the same class. When emblemed, their defense stats rival some of the legendary heroes also fully emblemed, or even better some of them. At least they are cheap to level and emblem and may be vital on 4* raid tourneys and epic-tiered challenge events.


Ah, so what you’ve shown above isn’t your full roster. This makes more sense now. If you have a deep roster then go for the funky stuff, like PiB + QoH

Most of the roster are maxed heroes or 3/70s.

I have around 90 flat 5*, fed off over 100 5* as 450 gems for additional roster space is getting steep.

Nice, I still have a falcon+19 but stripped Wilbutt.
Reds have great synergy among the 4*/5*

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