Which red 5* to ascend?

I have 5 rings…
My choices are:
Jean Francois
Queen of Hearts
Captain Kestrel

Other 5 stars I have fully ascended:

Any one of those but Khagan IMO…strangely I might say Kestrel. I feel he is vastly underrated. QofH doesn’t impress me when I face her on defenses, but maybe offensively she shines? Marjana is good, but boring. JF is pretty good on offense, but not great on defense IMO.


Hmm yea… I have 2 Khagan… thought about consuming them lol

I think I’ve narrowed it to Kestrel or QoH

I have 4 snipers, no need for Marjana

I do see a lot of ppl with JF… Uhg

If i were in your place id max Marjana !
A handful, classic Sniper .
Yep , you have other snipers but none of them is red if im not wrong.
And for fighting against blue youbhave already Mitsuko. So JF defense ice defense up would be wasted.

I dont know about QOE …

Hmmm!!! You make a good point

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So many of those around, might be worth mergi g them all into one @Guvnor
Which red hero to ascend? Roster pics
Which 5 star red to level and who should be my Red Titan team

Same suggestion for other hero colours also.

Kestrel, underrated red imo and I wish I had him! Agree with @Rduke77.

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Kestrel… or wait and press your luck with GM… coming soon to an AR portal near you.

Hopefully Marjana’s costume will make her the sniper she’s always wanted to be.

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Eh they all tend to die off; it’s nice when people revive their own threads int the future rather than making a new one tho :slight_smile:

Having individual ones helps cause usually the choices are different


I vote khagan…just in case i face u in raids or war :slight_smile:

I would say Queen of Hearts simply because I love heroes that control the board.

Having said that, a red sniper would probably be more useful, so Kestrel. Marjana is also not bad, red lacks snipers.

Not impressed by JF so far, I have him. He is only … OK.

With those heroes I wouldn’t even think about ascending Khagan. That should be in a FAQ somewhere.

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