Which 5 star red to level and who should be my Red Titan team

Have a decision coming up on who to level between these 3 hero’s…

I currently have Gravemaker, Boldtusk, Nat, Wilbur, Mariana levelled.

Part 1 levelling
My choices are Ares, Jean Francois, Mitsuko. I have emblems for Mitsuko but not the others.

Part 2 Titan
I have Ranvir maxed and Tarlak at 3/70. Who along with the above hero’s should be my titan team.


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I’m going to say Mitsuko.

Not only do you have emblems for Mits, but she’s a great utility hero with mana cut, equal damage to 3 and that blue reflect saves games a whole lot. You already have burn so JF isn’t needed much, and Ares is good but I think Mits will be more useful overall.

As far as titan team hmmm…Wilbur is a must and Marjana for sure, I’m not sure who else would be good out of those option. I’m sure others will give great feedback on that

Thank for the reply. I am leaning Mits, she is a bit squishy at 3/70. Just wanted a few opinions so thanks for the reply!

See: Voidstrike’s ToS of his reply

I would also lean toward Mitsuko because she will also have utility beyond titan. 2nd place would go towards Ares solely from a reputation, I have no experience playing with him but I remember people used to love him.
I would make your titan team:
Wilbur - Boldtusk - GM - Marjana - Ranvir (a necessary evil).


Mits 100%. Stack her with the other reds and she effectively neutralizes the Blue striking enemies. And emblemed she’s a work horse.

Answering the direction question of the OP, ares would be a great choice for titans… BUT you have the attack boost in BT which covers all instead of only 3. If you’re not fighting 12*+ titans, BT can probably handle the job for now.

Marjana is sturdy but her attack stats suck… I’d go Mits and put her in over marj. (Mits’ attack isn’t stellar either, but at least it’s a special that won’t overwrite like all the other burns)

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In my honest opinion, you can’t go wrong with focusing on Mitsuko
Whichever hero you choose- good luck

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