Which red hero to ascend? Roster pics

Ive got some options…ive got 16 hidden blades but only 3 rings so my options are maxing a 4* or getting a 5* to 3^70…heres my roster…


Colen! Even though slow!
BT wilbur falcon qoh can make good stuff on a titan
And do grazul when rings are available

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Okay so you have three 4* hero’s maxed and one 5* hero maxed.

Looking at the two fours you’ve been working on…

  • Gormek is made kinda irrelevant by Wilbur - he does the defence dropping thing better, whilst buffing you at the same time.
  • Sumitomo is rather uninspiring - I maxed him, I used him for a while but he just doesn’t do enough to still be useful now.

How close are you to having the mats to max another 5? (Rings, tome/damascus).
If you’re close on the mats, do you want to do Marj first anyway? If yes, defence stick to 4*.

If sticking to a 4*… We’re looking at raid tournaments and event teams primarily.
Sumitomo has a slight edge in buff booster (so very niche), Scarlett has the highest attack stat, Colen gives the best AoE.

I’d probably lean towards Scarlett of the 4* you have, but depending how you like to play, you may favour other hero’s…

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Yeah i was leaning toward colen or scarlett…or Jean-francois to 3^70 but i dont know how much help he would be there…im basically trying to get rid of gormek on that one team since like it was mentioned i dont use him on titans since ive got wilbur…

As far as materials go…ive got 1 damascus blade , 6 Tome of tactics and 3 rings…so the rings are a ways off…plus until i get another Damascus blade im saving that one for Guinivere…seeing as how i dont really have a legit tank…Guard Falcon is my best option there as far as defensive stats…880 base D and over 1k with my crit troop.

Max Scarlett imo. High tile damage and will work well with Falcon and Wilbur going against green titans.



Firstly, don’t prioritize defence.
Attack wins you more mats by helping fill the raid chests, beat titans, complete and place in events etc… Defence just holds cups. It gains you nothing.

If you wanted a defence tank, Telluria is better at it (and arguably more useful in attack).

Having said that, since you mentioned Falcon… Defence tanks need more than just hefty defence stats to be successful - they need to make it difficult for attackers to win with a bad board… Boril will do that better than Falcon, but so will QoH, or TBH most of your 5’s.

I wouldn’t think about raising hero’s primarily for defence until you have atleast 3 maxed 5* teams and maybe more than that.

Ps… I notice that Rigards costume isn’t maxed… That should be a very high priority!!


Yeah i started leveling King arthur yesterday…he was at 4^25 so got him to 50 today…going to max him out then im planning on moving to rigards costume…then probably the replacement red 4*…then working on replacing or leveling those other lvl 60s

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Lots of great advice already posted here.

Pause on the 5s while you accumulate the mats. Most are less valuable at 3/70 than maxed 4s.

Little John

All solid heroes that will be useful for a long time.


Any recommendation on a tank out of my choices then that are currently viable? Everything ive read on QoH suggest shes better in a flank role which is where ive had her…this was my set up from the last war and it never got wiped out even though the team we were up against had 4 guys over 4200…i know Ranvir is a high risk high reward kinda guy but thats what i rolled out last war anyway.

I’d never double up your tank colour… Even with Ranvir who isn’t a huge threat, you’re rewarding purple stacks with another easy kill.

Putting Arthur straight in for Ranvir gives you a more successful tank - drop enemy attack, buff self against specials. And he’s a Paladin, so if you emblem him he’ll get even beefier.
This all makes him super durable and gives your flanks time to kick in (I’d swap Seshat and Joon though, gives her time to build up minions and fires the blind earlier).


Thanks for the advice everyone!

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Obviously will be better suited once arthur is maxed…but what are your thoughts on moving kingston to far left and seshat far right? Figured kingston going off first and others following would lower their attack furthur

I’d put Seshat left (dispel, for example a defence buff) incase any others fire in the same turn…

Beyond that… In wars, first attacker might kill your tank… Second attacker will stack for one flank or the other - if they stack for Joon and Seshat is on the left, that purple stack is less effective against her and if they stack for QoH then the blue stack is less effective against Kingston.
It comes down to the board so it won’t always work that way, but if all else is fairly equal then picking according to such split hairs makes sense :+1:


Thats a big 10-4. Thanks again

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My tip is concentrating on maxing your 4* whilst you build up the ascension items for your 5* would be the way to go.

Maxed 4* s can work exceptionally well against most 5* s and are in many cases are better and stronger than most 5* s at 3/70 and by doing that your increasing your chances at better and bigger roster faster. Only do the 5* you have all the ascension items for at that time, this will help you Maximise the usage of your feeders also.

Good Luck

Do a 4*…probably Scarlett, but if you want an AOE to pair with Wilbur go Sumle over Colen…has some miss chance but it’s worth it for the higher power hit IMO.

Another vote for Scarlett, her tile damage is insane, and her attack debuff can be situationally useful especially against dangerous snipers. She is THE definition of a glass cannon though as her defense is laughably low for a 4* (Gunnar has a higher defense lol). But as long as you can keep her alive, she will wreck havoc against green heroes and titans.

However I’m gonna go against the grain here and say you should still work on Gormek once you’ve leveled other priority red heroes. Yes he’s the weakest of the ramming pulverizer trio, and I see you already have a maxed Grimm, but it’s such a useful skill it doesn’t hurt to have another pulverizer in a different color - if nothing else you’ll have another usable hero for your war bench. Wilbur is more of a utility hero, and he can be tricky to use due to that spirit link, but Gormek deals damage and gives def down to three, so less situational than Wilbur.