Another which red to ascend (Kestrel and Santa leading candidates)

My current maxed reds are Mitsuko, Marjana, Grazul and Puss.

I have Guinevere as my main tank and usually use Alberich, Seshat, Alice and one of those reds or Kingston, Kage, Joon, Magni, Lianna, Arthur, Poseidon or Hel, who are all maxed.

Now that I have my 6th Ring, my main candidates for maxing are Santa and Kestrel.

I can also go with Ares, Azlar, Natalya, Elena , Khagan. I also have duplicates of Mitsuko, Grazul and Marjana.

Leaning towards Kestrel or Santa though. I’ve been seeing a lot of Kestrels in the top 100 teams recently.

Which of those reds would y’all ascend first. I’m not even worried about Jean Francois yet. I’ll get more rings and max him eventually.

You don’t need a tank, so I’d probably go Kestrel. A note about your defense team - Try Kingston, Kestrel, Guin, Seshat, Alice. Alby is great, but since you already have the heals from Guin, he’s not really needed.

Having said all that, I’ll put in a plug for Nat if you’re looking for offence. Since you don’t have GM or Azlar maxed, Nat’s not going to interfere with those burns, and she really just shuts down a hero with her Mana slow. Very underrated. But definitely not for Defense.


Since you don’t have a big need for a defense tank, I would go with Kestrel

Does anyone have any experience using Kestrel? What’s are y’all’s thoughts ok him?

I have him maxed and emblemed to 7, he’s a solid hitter and pretty straightforward, is there something in particular you’d like to know about him?

Thank you. He seems pretty straightforward. I was just seeing if anyone uses him regularly and or prefers him over other red heroes.

I appreciate the feedback.

I use him on offense far more then Santa, who I almost never use in war… santa sees play time on map stages and quests and such for me (quite often), kestrel sees play time in non blue tank wars and in raids, but as there aren’t many green tanks at current, he’s generally attacking ursena type defenses… I pair him with Grazul, Marj, Gm, Bk and mits at times (just remember to fire kestrel first)… just depends how I’m feeling and what they have on defense… he also pairs very well with falcon but my falcon doesn’t have emblems so generally I don’t bring him in. Very solid in mono, good in a 3 stack… meh in a 2 stack for me personally. But as always, just opinions.

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